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the Glamourista Apartment

Perfect for a social media maven, fashionista, or beauty guru… only the best will do!  Built for 18 Culpepper House, this apartment may be small but it packs a lot of style.

For more pics - living room & kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

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What’s good in the hood baby, stroll around my neighbourhood, get a good eye full.

Get this dope ass Kylie Jenner swimsuit here:

damnyoudaddario  asked:

Super unpopular opinion... I don't want Alec and Magnus to adopt Madzie. I think Cat is perfect for her.

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And every single follower of mine now… *gasp* But… but… but she did reblog fanart with Malec and Madzie. She said they were cute and adorable and all…. how…


But there is a difference between fanart and stuff actually happening on the show. Like, let me get this straight: I am all for Malec adopting like every kid on this planet in the future. Seriously. They both would be great dads and the possibility of them lying on a couch on a lazy sunday, kids between them and just having quality family time f.e., yup sign me up for this. BUT… right now I just don’t want this. I know that Malec adopting Madzie is some kind of “running gag” in the fandom and as I said before, it would be adorable and all. But they just got together, they are still getting to know each other, they haven’t even moved in together….just… let them fucking alone for now and enjoy their time together without them having to worry about kids and all. There is still a war going on so please, the quiet and intimate moments are already rare because of that. 

Later on, as I said, they can adopt every kid that runs into their arms. Seriously. But right now, just leave them alone and let them explore their relationship more and see where this will go from there on.

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My first apartment renovation! This is a renovation of the 18 Culpepper House lot, located in the Spice Market. I absolutely love the way it turned out, and I think I’ll try renovating one of the larger apartments next. The apartments is saved to the gallery as a room. All you have to do is add walls to the bedroom and bathroom, then place the doors. Also, it would be better to bulldoze the lot first before placing the apartment.  

Origin ID: SkaoiSim

18 Culpepper

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • $80,139

I love this community, constantly inspiring me. So here’s my little late night holy-I-can’t-sleep-but-need-to-do-something entry. I’ll post the list of CC soon.

Though, while I’m at it. Does anyone know where I can find a non-functional apple macbook and iMAC decor for sims 4? I just need the ~aesthetics~ of it, rather than the functionality. Thanks in advance!

Easter Sunday CC show

So apart from finally meeting Jamie in person, the three other highlights are….

1. When Scorpius (James L) does his ‘help, help, helppp!’ scene in Godric’s Hollow, he literally goes up to Albus, holds his face with both hands and says that entire line to him whilst staring intently into his eyes. That may have been me squealing in the front row akdgaljk


3. Operation Easter Bunnies was a success!! 🙌🐣 @torestoreamends @ohscorbus @cjs-deppendent

I will post properly about today’s show when I’m more coherent. Sorry!

Let’s Decorate: Lux Apartment + CC List

Hey guys!

Here’s another apartment decorations video. I tried so hard to
voice over this but I was just not feeling it at all :( I haven’t been feeling like myself. But this time we’re building in a more modern buillding.

I tried my best to link most of the CC I used but with these kinds of videos it’s hard to do so. Links are in the description of the video!

Click HERE to watch the video.


Sometimes my train just gets outta control and eventually goes off the rails completely. That’s what happened here ehehe. Illustrations for @ceruleancynic’s terrible high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio chapter 5. All dialogue is naturally lifted straight from the fic.

Also this.