Mei Hair -  500 Followers gift!

I know that this is so late hahaha xD But i was being lazy fixing some errors c:
This hair was made to resemble Mei’s hair from Overwatch, the smol polar bear. 

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I tried my best but I’m still a newbie so don’t kill me x)


  • Base Game Compatible.
  • Teen to Elder.
  • Enabled for random.
  • Not hat compatible. (Why would you want a hat with this bun anyway?)
  • Comes in 18 EA’s colors.
  • It also comes in 24 crayolas naturals but you need to download the basic one.
  • Custom thumbnail.

Don’t reupload it to another pages.
Don’t say that you make this.
If you use it, please tag me so i can reblog it ♥
Can recolor it but please give credit.

[Download] [Download Crayolas Naturals]

Any problems, please tell me!

@habsims Hair tutorial: [Link]
Original Meshes - EA
Crayola Natural Colors - @colormysims
Help and advices - @simduction @toskami
Special thanks - @juliettesims @gunn13p

More Rug Series! Part 2 - Floral

I’m not a huge fan of floral but I do love most of the ones I found! I hope ya’ll are liking the series. It has brought me out of my cc making slump :)

  • 10 Florals
  • Base Game rug retextured and recolored.
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Search “calisimgirl” in game to find easily.

Download: SFS | Mediafire

** Credit to Society6 HERE**  also shows previews of each rug.

CC used in preview by: @peacemaker-ic @saudade-sims4 & @mio-sims

Maya: You chose me. It’s you and me forever right???


Are you Sisyphus or are you Tantalus?
Is there even a way to tell them apart?
Desire and need and failure all spell out
the same tragedies: ultimate damnation,
craving something that is just out of reach.

When I was in school, they loved to ask
what we would do with our lives,
then refused to accept the lines by which
I had chosen to trace my future.
Art, it turns out, is both apple and boulder.

You can try and you can succeed,
the privilege of good fortune carved
onto palm readings and tarot cards,
but first there is the struggle,
first there is rolling back down.

There is hunger for a day when frustration
won’t be your immediate response
to the voices inside your head,
who urge you to give them life.
They too are starving.

The push is desperation, I know,
but what other path could you take?
If you stop reaching for the fruit,
it would be like fading away,
it would be letting the gods win.

First, you have to go through hell.
—  Mythology knows more of life than of death (LM)