Retexture of Jonesi Single Blanket Converted by MXIMS

I love every conversion of MXIMS,but for this single blanket I wanted more colors,more pattern and some etnic texture,like I usually do in my recolors or retextures,so I made more than 30 new textures.I hope you like it and if you have problems please let me know.

Some of the texture are from my personal collection and I made the rest using fsome Muller Textile photo I have so please DO NOT use them for your work.If you really want them please ask me first.I’m saying this not because I don’t want to help or I don’t want my textures to be used,but because people don’t give credit and they don’t respect your work just like CandyDullock on TSR did,she used my jeans texture to create jeans and shorts and when I messaged her,she denied obviously and when I asked her to show me the photo she used to create the texture,she disappeared.I didn’t even asked her to remove the cc,just to add my name as the creator of the texture,but nothing.So please respect my work even if it’s not perfect.

It’s a standalone item with thumbnail(first photo bottom left) and just write Gisheld to find it in your game.Please click on the bigger preview image ^___^  HERE

Grab the mesh @mxims ,YOU NEED IT,it’s the blanket from Scandinavian-Style Boys Room

Download link via DOWNLOAD

CC Used: Various conversions by @mxims Portland Livingroom @saudade-sims4 Gym Bag @inabadromance  Life is Strange Max Bedroom @BlackBerryCake Chair conversion @leo-sims  Disney Toys @jennisims  Ikea bedroom and more clutter @ATS4

TOU: Do not re-upload it elsewhere and claim as your own.If you use it please tag me so I can reblog you :) Please don’t convert the item and don’t use my textures.

Flower Crown - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hat

Hey guys! Today we bring you the flower crown that is on the new Day of the Dead update hair in The Sims 4 as a hat! We are also de-hatting the hair so that you can use it with so many other colors and crowns! We hope you like it! This hair should work properly with every hair, but some hairs might have it be in the air more than others! Tomorrow (9/28) the hair should be up!

Info & Download Below!

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Gillian Anderson: Young women still come up to me and say that she has had an impact on them when they need to feel strong for an interview. They think of her and what Scully would do….

Gillian Anderson: It is amazing. It is not a lot to do with me, it’s lot to do with the character that was created

Samira Ahmed:That’s unfair. It’s your performance as well.


Sooo, right before I posted this, I saw the flower crown from the Día de Muertos hair floating around and I wasn’t gonna release my version…until I realized that I don’t care, I worked hard on this and whatever. If you don’t like it, well, sorry…too bad. ;)

Anyways, this flower crown fits well with most EA/clay hairs; it might clip or float above others, but for the most part it works out pretty well. It comes with a custom thumbnail and can be found under hats.

What makes my flower crown different from the others? It comes in a number of its original colors, as well as some two-toned colors! Featured in the preview is the blue/purple two-toned swatch.

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy!


Mediafire | Dropbox

If you use this in game, I’d love a tag!

Braid Woven Crownless - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair

Hey guys! Even though we said that this hair would be out on the 28th of September, we decided to release it earlier! It should work properly with the Flower Crown and it’s completely Hat Compatible. We hope you like it and as always, if you have questions or issues please feel free to ask us!

Info & Download Below!

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L1000263 by Zengame