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Grease ‘T Birds’ & ‘Pink Ladies’ Jackets by wsims

Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to use Get Together’s group feature to make my own Simlish versions of the T Birds and the Pink Ladies? Turns out I *really* couldn’t wait, so I went ahead and made the jackets for them. These are standalone recolours of two base game jackets, so they’re base game compatible. I decided to not allow them for random, so your townies shouldn’t spawn wearing them. Available for Teen-Elder.


more fine stud lexa headcanons

- L O N G B O A R D S for fun when the weather is good

- when dressing casually wears beanies and backwards snapbacks

- own a motherfucking pocketwatch bc why the hell not

- is in love with vests

- own like 15 pairs of custom tailored trousers bc she knows clarke loves the way they make her ass look

- wears ties all the fucking time

- loves when clarke pulls her tie to get her to kiss her

- rolls up all her button down shirts to her elbows bc she lowkey loves how it makes her muscles look