cc sky

The Great Sky of Totalitarianism (REDUX)


the brand new skybox

mesh for your ‘hood and lots!

Textures are from “You Are Empty” + “Assassin’s Creed II”.


No seams. No outdoor shadows. stdMatLayer and Bounding mesh are fixed.  Target-mesh is invisible in Live Mode. Compressonized!
There are 2 sky-layers:
- 6 recolors of outer sky (”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” + blend-mode versions), - 3 recolors of animated inner sky (clouds)
- invisible recolors for both layers.

You can find it in Misc. -> Misc. Costs 1 simolean.


You can find it in Effects section. Just look for preview pictures with clouds. 

Place them somewhere in the corner of your n'hood map.
There are 4 versions: ”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” and “Clouds”

+ Mesh was enlarged for compatibility with Criquette’ Horizons
+ Target-mesh (manhole) is offset from the center, so you can place it on a controller cube of horizon. 
+ Bounding mesh fix

I worked a lot on TXMT params, so now you can use a lot of situational combinations, that let you see EAxis stars at night, horizon mods, rise/dawn from the custom light mods like radiance etc. You are free to experiment with the Great Sky of Totalitarianism.

Keep in mind that..: 

- Blend-mode means that any other semi-transparent object (like, say, windows) will get ‘eaten’. But it can be fixed with TXMT param stdMatLayer. The outer blend sky use 0-layer, and inner cloud sky has 1 layer, so sky doesn’t overlap clouds. I’ll post more info later.
- The game likes to put your lot in a little box with additional textures to set boundaries. You have to download SimNopke’s Sky Fix.
- If you’re using my ‘hood skybox with any semi-transparent lot skybox - ‘hood sky will be visible. So, you will see the transparent clouds from 'hood view through the lot-sky in blend mode, because clouds’ stdMatLayer = 1.


UPD: I’m sorry for waiting the update for skyboxes, I can’t finish the work, but can share the part of the set for using and testing in your games - there are 3 classic solid n’hood Sky Domes and updated moving clouds (thanks @alf-si-cc for base for cloud texture!). Follow the news!

SFS folder for NHood Sky

Temporary fix for Lot Sky

Feel free to contact me if you want to.


S k y s c a p e s by Emilio Küffer
Via Flickr:
Nikon D610 + Nikon 20mm f/2.8 @ f/4. 30", ISO1600. Capture One Pro 10 + Adobe Photoshop CC.

  • Syaoran: Where do humans go after they die?
  • Sakura: Heaven.
  • Syaoran: I want to be the sky, so I always know where you are.
  • Sakura: Like a stalker.
  • Syaoran: *smiles*
  • Sakura: Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you are crying. Sunset means you’re embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me.

Ok so I had another thought about Zerith and it sort of broke my heart a little.  Ok ok so we know Aerith has a watery theme in FF7 compilation (including the original game itself) 

When Aerith dies she sinks into a lake. But, before that in CC there is a scene that occurs that was commented on in an Ultimania. 

In Scene 09-02, there is a section where Zack is standing on water and looking up at a white feather floating down from a blue sky. When we asked the development staff about their intentions for the direction in this scene, we received the following response.

“Even though he succeeded Angeal’s will, Zack finds himself not only unable to help anyone but also confined in Nibelheim, and is racked by a sense of despair and powerlessness. Angeal gets him back on track, and Zack decides to rise up from it again. This decision is represented by the mental image at the start of chapter 9.

The blue sky symbolises Zack, the white feather Angeal, and the water Aerith.

As with its use in the logo of ‘CC’, the blue sky symbolises Zack, the ideal SOLDIER 1st class envisioned in “FFVII”. This is the image of Zack at his best and complete. If you pull back a bit, you could say it symbolises ideals, goals, dreams.

The white feature, as well as being a symbol for Angeal, is also a symbol for ‘wings’. The “wings” which cross the ‘blue sky’ is Angeal, and it also includes the hint that in order to reach those heights, dreams, he needs to overcome many difficulties.

The ‘water’ which reflects and envelopes the ‘blue sky’ symbolises Aerith. From the interpretation that when Aerith hears the voice of the planet, she is accessing the Lifestream, we have the image of Aerith’s consciousness travelling through the water, which is reminiscent of the Lifestream. Or it is a symbol of the Lifestream itself, something like the planet’s will.

By showing the connection between these three elements, it hints at the story as a whole.” -Crisis Core keyword Collection. 

Aerith reflects and envelopes Zack. But not stopping there, when Zack dies it’s raining. 

Now here is what I find tragic, Zack is the blue sky and Aerith is the water, and when Zack is slipping away it begins to rain and it is the rain that has Aerith walk over and look up at the sky.  

Aerith  then puts her hands together to pray. 

You know what makes this absolutely depressing? How absolutely horrifying? 


Aerith can call down healing rain, the great gospel, and there she is in CC praying in the rain. She feels Zack life’s slipping away. All she can do is to pray, to PLEASE have him survive, to please heal his wounds. 

Then Aerith gasps and looks up to the sky. 

The camera zooms out to Zack’s eye. The yes “the color of the sky” 

And Zack….Zack looks at the sky.

The same sky Aerith is looking at. Zack is the sky, Aerith is the water, the rain that could not heal him and Aerith’s reluctance to elaborate on her relationship with Zack in FF7. 

They were both looking at the same sky as Zack’s life slipped away. They were both being pelted by the same water as Zack’s life slipped away. 

Maybe one of the reasons for Aerith’s behavior in FF7 is that she wanted to save Zack. She knew he was slipping away, and so she tried to, she prayed, she asked the planet not to take him back yet. Not yet. But her prayer was not answered. 

Zack died on the outskirts of Midgar, so close to her, and yet still so far away. It’s no wonder why Aerith doesn’t want to think about the possibility of him being dead in FF7. 

Aerith can’t help but speak about Zack in FF7, but at the same time it hurts her, because she doesn’t want to acknowledge the truth. He died, and maybe she feels a form of guilt, maybe she partly blames herself. Maybe she curses her cetra powers more. Maybe she could have saved him. All those thoughts just buzzing in her head. The thoughts she doesn’t want to think. So she pushes them out of her mind. She denies. He’s alive somewhere. He is. He’s living peacefully. 

He did not die in a wasteland miles from her. He’s ok. He’s fine. He’s with another woman. Maybe he’ll come back. Holding out hope, she’s trying so hard to just keep hoping that he will return to her. 

But he’s dead, and who knows what kind of psychological trauma that did to her.


DSC05067 by Zengame

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know any exact jewelry nina wore during her time as Katherine?

Hi :)

As a matter of fact I know quite a lot of SA jewelry that Katherine wore on the show ;)

Her Lapis Lazulli Cameo Necklace she wore during the 19th and 20th century:

Then of course her Lapis Lazulli Necklace which she wears as a bracelet from the middle of Season 2 until the end of Season 4:

She wears the CC Sky Leather Double Wrap Screw Bracelet in a couple of episodes from Seasons 2 and 4:

Even though this next item doesn’t exactly qualify as jewelry, I thought I’d include it anyway ^^ She wears the Black Venetian Mask by The Originals in Season 2 Episode 7 “Masquerade”.

Kat wears Elena’s Vervain Necklace in Episode 17 “Know Thy Enemy” from Season 2:

Then we have the Monet Crystal Drop Pendant necklace from Episode 19 “Klaus” from Season 2:

And of course the matching Monet Crystal Cluster Hook Drop Earrings from the same episode:

Jumping into Season 3, she wears the Francesca’s Collection Braided & Studded Leather Bracelet in Episode 6 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:

Kat wore the Kenneth Cole Linear Twist Earrings in Episode 18 “American Gothic” from Season 4:

In Episode 20 “The Originals” she sports the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pipe Dreams Bolt Necklace:

Katherine wears the Bebe Link & Spike Earrings in Episode 22 “The Walking Dead” from Season 4:

In Season 5, she wears the Peggy Li Arrowhead Necklace in Episode 5 “Monster’s Ball”:

She wears the white pendant from the Stella and Dot Trinity Necklace Set in the same episode:

Next up are her Carnelian & Antique Bronze Leaf Dangle Earrings from Episode 6 “Handle With Care” from Season 5:

She then wears the Peggy Li Ammonite Necklace in Episode 8 “Dead Man On Campus” from Season 5:

She wears the Peggy Li Bronze Claw Necklace in Episode 10 “Fifty Shades of Grayson” from Season 5:

She then wears Elena’s Daylight Ring from Episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude” until Episode 15 “Gone Girl” from Season 5:

Next up is the Peggy Li Gem Drop Moonstone Necklace she wears in Episode 14 “No Exit” from Season 5:

Last but no least, the Lucky Brand Silver and Gold Tone Double Oblong Hoop Earrings from Episode 15 “Gone Girl” from Season 5:

Hope this helps ;)

All the best,

Closet of Katherine Pierce xxx


DSC02279 by Zengame

if we do end up getting a kiss tomorrow (or holy shit if we get the sex scene) on the anniversary of the first clexa kiss, I’m going to be so awestruck and astounded and amazed because who would’ve thought we would be where we are today. a year ago we were overjoyed that they made our lead character bisexual and actually had her kiss a girl on screen and now a year later we have the most well written canon f/f couple on television having the relationship that is usually reserved for the main hetero ships. we have two women who met against all odds, who have a real connection and who understand each other and their experiences and who teach one another and learn from each other and are equals and soulmates in every sense of the word. we have a queer relationship where the characters are more than just a love interest. a show where these two women are leaders and who are strong and independent and selfless and fierce and queer and so in love and their relationship isnt sexualized it’s developed and heartwarming and its real like who would’ve thought we would be so blessed