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Anyone can cosplay as any character no matter race, gender, weight, etc. as long as they don't do black/yellow face and such, I understand where you come from but people cosplay as a character because they like them so race shouldn't matter. :)

Things that don’t matter when you roleplay/cosplay as a character:

- gender

- weight

Things that do matter when you roleplay/cosplay as a character:

- race

But CC, why does race matter? I’m glad you asked! 

Race matters because society as a whole has decided it matters. When you’re discriminated against, oppressed, ignored, disrespected, harmed, maimed, or (god forbid) killed because of your race and/or ethnicity, IT MATTERS.

By having white people roleplay/cosplay as characters of color, not only are you whitewashing the very small amount of representation we get in media and popular culture, you’re denying us the ability to have our stories and struggles told through the lives and experiences of fictional characters (something which is very important because representations of different cultures and ways of life in fictional works leads to normalization in real life which leads to acceptance in real life). 


Oh, and by the way, adding a smiley face at the end doesn’t make the assumption that race doesn’t matter any less incorrect. Just saying. 


Latino YouTubers / Vlogust #2 (cc)

At the Race and Representation panel at VidCon, a question was posed to the panelists about what Latino youtubers could have been on that panel and only two names were given!

I would love to see Latinos get more visibility in the YouTube community.