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I love how it’s so clear David is in the wrong for saying what he did to Killian. Like we’re meant to be angry at him for that comment because obviously Killian is so much more than just a pirate. He’s proven himself a thousand times over and just last episode was reassuring David that he would be with him, at his side. 

This is gonna be such a good episode for both of them, and great parallel to Good Form because now there’s no question behind Killian’s motivations. He’s absolutely fighting as a hero, and we’re gonna see David being the rash one, being the less reputable one, and making up for it.


Fic prompt for 120+ listeners over @podeverafter: College AU where David’s never even been kissed, and one night he tells best bud Killian while they’ve been drinking, and Killian’s like, let’s fix that then. — @phiralovesloki

+ David Nolan is sick to goddamn death of the assumption that just because he’s… ya know. Whatever, pleasing to look at, does not necessarily equate with being a Lothario. He’s well aware of the fact that this is the kind of bullshit women have been putting up with forever—this freakish, inappropriate time stamp on your sexual timeline—and he’s truly outraged on their behalf. He’s also outraged on his own behalf, because it’s no one’s business who he kisses but his own, and he never asked for your opinion, Abigail.

Abigail was a girl in high school who made going after his dick an olympic sport. It would’ve been kind of funny if it hadn’t made him so wildly uncomfortable. The constant text messages, the invading of the personal space, the updating her relationship status on Facebook when they’d barely spoken more than a few words to one another? But the worst thing about it was the fact that no one could understand why.

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The Heart Knows But Can’t Explain

Summary: From the first moment that David Nolan stepped into his life, Killian Jones hasn’t been sure how he feels about him. Or what it means about his own identity.
Rating: T
Notes: For @starlessness/@hencethebravery​ on the occasion of her birth, and also because she is a shining light who deserves only good things. This is my attempt to give back.

(Also y’all need to check out her writing, it is so gorgeous, like, please go read her writing.)

This story is romantic Captain Charming, so if that’s not your thing, GOOD NEWS you don’t have to read it and can go about your day, and we’ll all be happy and everything will be fine.


Guys night was a time-honored tradition that Killian had always clung to. Boston wasn’t a large city, but it was easy for him to feel lost and alone somehow. What had begun as a quick drink every month or so with his coworker had become a night out or in every other week with four men who had become his closest friends. It was a crucial anchor that kept him from floating adrift in loneliness that no number of one-night stands could ease.

Tonight they were at Jeff’s place to watch basketball. Killian privately thought the sport was absurd, but not enough that he would cancel his plans. Besides, Graham had just gotten back from Vermont with some Heady Topper, and if the man was willing to share it, Killian wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

When he arrived at Jeff’s, he was surprised to find not three men watching the game, but four.

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First Times

Summary: Killian’s first sexual experiences with women were often subpar; what will happen if his first with a man is as well? (Part II of The Heart Knows But Can’t Explain)
Rating: E
Notes: I’m stuck in this Captain Charming trash bin and can’t seem to get out. Oh well. @mahstatins​ had a bad day yesterday so this is dedicated to her, but it’s also for the rest of us in the bin.

This story is romantic Captain Charming, and it’s smutty, so if that’s not your thing, GOOD NEWS you don’t have to read it and can go about your day, and we’ll all be happy and everything will be fine. The rest of you lot, here ya go.


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Hold Me in this Winter Weather (1/1)

Summary: Killian Jones just can’t seem to warm up. The solution? Professional cuddling in the arms of a David Nolan: handsome farmer and winter enthusiast. 

Romantic Captain Charming, Rated G, 3k words. (Ao3)

For @phiralovesloki, because her birthday was last week and because she deserves a little bit of winter cuddles, no? You requested this some time ago, but I wanted to do it right for you! I hope you love it just as much as I love you!

Special thanks (and my eternal appreciation) to @hencethebravery, aka Queen of the Trashcan, for the excellent beta job AND for making the gorgeous edit seen above. If you want to check out any of her CC fics, you can find them in her CC tag here!

The story of how Killian found the idea was actually rather dull compared to other tales he had hidden up his sleeves. It went like this: man sits at his computer after a very frigid, winter day at the docks. Man cannot seem to warm up, even after the usual reliable methods of heavy fleece blanket, two pairs of wool socks, and a mug of coffee had been attempted. Perhaps out of curiosity, but most probably out of boredom and a bit of desperation, he opens his internet browser and unashamedly types out “Fast ways to get warmer.”  

Spoiler alert: going to a professional cuddler was actually not the first suggestion that appeared on the screen, and it certainly wasn’t the first thing he tried. Turned out, a hot shower did the trick, an idea he came up with himself thank you very much. But Killian was a man of learning, and how could he not read up on the transfer of body heat once it was suggested to him by some hipster blog. Not just any transfer of body heat. Professional cuddling.

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Summary: Regardless of who’s the captor and who’s the captive, the captain and the prince can’t deny what they both want from each other.
Rating: M
Notes: Kinky romantic EF AU Captain Charming for @mahstatins to congratulate her on finishing her CSBB story. This was inspired by a conversation about beta-reading, I am not even joking. Happy Captain Charming Friday, I guess?


A lingering glance. A lick of the lips. A blush at what should have been an innocuous comment.

David had known it was only a matter of time before his captor had him figured out.

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