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I love how it’s so clear David is in the wrong for saying what he did to Killian. Like we’re meant to be angry at him for that comment because obviously Killian is so much more than just a pirate. He’s proven himself a thousand times over and just last episode was reassuring David that he would be with him, at his side. 

This is gonna be such a good episode for both of them, and great parallel to Good Form because now there’s no question behind Killian’s motivations. He’s absolutely fighting as a hero, and we’re gonna see David being the rash one, being the less reputable one, and making up for it.


Operation Morgan

Sooooo @claraoswan, it’s time to give you your Captain Cobra Swan Secret Santa gift! It was a lot of fun talking to you (sorry for not sending as many messages as I should’ve - was a pretty questionable secret santa all around, unfortunately), and I hope you enjoy this fic I whipped up for you. I enjoyed writing it, and I’m even considering writing a follow up… Anywho, Happy Holidays (I really hope your holiday has been good!) and Merry Captain Cobra Swan Christmas!

Henry could hear the commotion coming from the crew cabin even before he was unceremoniously shoved out of the captain’s quarter’s, the rustling of Emma’s dress the only sound following him before the wood door slammed shut at his back. He couldn’t help rolling his eyes at the absurdity of it all, pocketing the item Emma had pressed into his hand with a wink and a cheeky grin on the inside of his suit jacket before shoving his hands in the pockets on the outside. He casually crossed the hall towards where all the ruckus was erupting from.

“Don’t you dare toy with me, Killian Jones.”

Henry frowned in confusion as he stepped into the cabin, not seeing his grandmother even if her very determined voice had been reprimanding the man casually leaning against the wall across the room, the wrist of his hooked hand resting against the hilt of his sword.

“I assure you, your majesty, I am doing nothing of the sort.” Killian was looking down into the open hatch that led to the cargo hold. He glanced up briefly towards Henry as the younger man continued to move towards him. “Hello, lad.”

“Hey…” Henry stopped beside Killian and leaned over to peer down the hole himself. “What’s grandma doing?”

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