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Operation Morgan

Sooooo @claraoswan, it’s time to give you your Captain Cobra Swan Secret Santa gift! It was a lot of fun talking to you (sorry for not sending as many messages as I should’ve - was a pretty questionable secret santa all around, unfortunately), and I hope you enjoy this fic I whipped up for you. I enjoyed writing it, and I’m even considering writing a follow up… Anywho, Happy Holidays (I really hope your holiday has been good!) and Merry Captain Cobra Swan Christmas!

Henry could hear the commotion coming from the crew cabin even before he was unceremoniously shoved out of the captain’s quarter’s, the rustling of Emma’s dress the only sound following him before the wood door slammed shut at his back. He couldn’t help rolling his eyes at the absurdity of it all, pocketing the item Emma had pressed into his hand with a wink and a cheeky grin on the inside of his suit jacket before shoving his hands in the pockets on the outside. He casually crossed the hall towards where all the ruckus was erupting from.

“Don’t you dare toy with me, Killian Jones.”

Henry frowned in confusion as he stepped into the cabin, not seeing his grandmother even if her very determined voice had been reprimanding the man casually leaning against the wall across the room, the wrist of his hooked hand resting against the hilt of his sword.

“I assure you, your majesty, I am doing nothing of the sort.” Killian was looking down into the open hatch that led to the cargo hold. He glanced up briefly towards Henry as the younger man continued to move towards him. “Hello, lad.”

“Hey…” Henry stopped beside Killian and leaned over to peer down the hole himself. “What’s grandma doing?”

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I Think I Have an Idea

The inspiration to write this hit me last night after all the amazing Captain Charming moments we got. This is my first OUAT fic (like ever), so I’m really nervous about posting it. I hope I did them justice and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it! Also, totally unbeta’d, so I apologize for any mistakes!


It’s when he goes to return the book to where they’ve been hiding it that he notices. It’s only a glimpse of an image buried under other scattered pages, but it’s enough to spark Killian’s curiosity. Setting the storybook aside, Killian steps over to where Henry has been messily piling up his Author handywork. He extracts the one page that had caught his attention, the small corner of the picture revealing a sight Killian would rather soon forget. His eyes widen as he takes in the artwork, flipping it over to see the words neatly printed on the other side.

Brow furrowing, he lowers his arm, the page still firmly grasped between his fingers. His mind replays the events depicted on the paper unchallenged as he makes is way over to the stairs leading back to the rest of the loft. Killian slowly descends, stopping near the bottom so he can take a seat on one of the steps.

David looks up from where he’s still sitting at the table. “Hook?” He questions, the concern evident in his voice. He pushes back from his chair, crossing the short distance to where Killian sit. “What’s wrong?”

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I finally decided to get with the program and do a little one-shot for Captain Charming Friday.


Hook eyed the leather contraption suspiciously. “I’m not wearing that.”

David picked it up off his desk inside the glassed in office and shoved it toward Hook’s chest. “Take it. I don’t need to be worried about how you’re going to pull out a gun and grab a criminal with just one hand.”

“I’ll keep my gun in my vest, as I have for the last two hundred and fifty years.”

David threw the shoulder holster onto his desk and took his time considering his new partner’s choice of crime fighting apparel. “Speaking of your wardrobe choices, your getups are probably not the best choices for this line of work.”

“They’ve serviced me for…”

“…yeah yeah yeah. Two hundred and fifty years. Try another tune.” David pointed to the other man’s pants. “The leather has to go. Cops don’t wear leather pants.”

“I’m a pirate.”

“And I was a shepherd. Now I’m the sheriff and you’re my deputy.”

Hook raised an eyebrow at that. “Considering life experience, perhaps that should be the other way around.”

“Not on my watch,” David said. “Two years ago you were an outlaw.”

“And you were running some kind of center for homeless puppies.”

“It was a shelter.”

“And I was the terror of the seas.”

“With leather pants.”

“Your predecessor had no issues with my clothes.”

At that, they both fell silent. Neither man needed a reminder that Emma wasn’t there. David finally cleared his throat. “I guess the pants can stay.”

Hook nodded and picked up the holster. He shrugged out of his coat and worked it on over his torso. David handed him a gun, which he stashed away in the holster, foregoing his vest.

“Do you need help tightening that up?” David asked.

“I’ve got it.” Hook’s jaw was set and David didn’t push the issue. Holster secured, he put his coat back on and nodded his head that he was ready to go. “So where is this house we’re going to again?”

“Old place on the edge of town. Possible child abduction situation.”


“She’s an older woman and has a lot of kids. She tends to lose track of them.”

Hook slapped him on the back. “You have chosen the right deputy for the job. I’ve years of experience with lost boys.”

David nodded. “Well good, then. After you.”

“Oh no, Charming, I must insist to go after you.”

“Is this one of your old world good form things?”

Hook grinned at him. “No, this is a not letting you sneak up behind me if you decide to stick something in my back thing.”

“Never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“In the back, man. Really, really bad form.”

“Point conceded,” David said, “but I looked good doing it.”  He went through the door and waited until Hook followed.

They headed for the police car and set off on the day’s mission. If anyone in the town thought that they made an odd pair, nobody commented. They were all aware of the fact that both of these men knew their way around weapons, and despite what they’d have outsiders believe, everyone knew they would defend each other. Storybrooke was in safe hands while they waited for their official savior to return.