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concept: in a heartbeat but jasper and david


i was thinking maybe this was like after they get back and i was gonna do a bg but then i was like “but wait jasper’s all fucked up right lmao” so just take this i guess

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I wonder if Raven ever teases goth for being a lot shorter then him- and sorell would probably just giggle cuz he ain't the teasing type in naj- XD I dunno...just a silly idea-

weekends over, back to work XD

Looks like Palette and Sorell are becoming closer friends @v@

Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily

Goth - @nekophy 

Sorell - @ivywolf777 

Palette - @angexci


i made davids shirt just…idk for fun! but i like it!! so.. here

future camp camp reunion

Max: *looks over at Neil talking to Space Kid*

Max: *nudges Nikki* Hey.

Nikki: *turns to Max after talking to Nerris* What-

Max: What do you think we should call Space Kid? He’s not a kid anymore.

Nikki: I dunno, maybe Neil, his real name?

Max: *shakes his head* No, there can’t be two Neils.

Nikki: *shrugs* How about Space Guy?



Max: It’ll have to do

I have a feeling he stares up at the night sky a lot, even at home