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100 Followers gift! - TRIBAL EAR PLUGS - 23 Swatches


Well I always love the plugs and I hate that we have like two or three models to choose. So this is my first PLUG PACK, maybe ill do more

· 23 swatches
· Found in accesories as Earrings
· Both genders
· MESH is HERE  by @untraditionalnerd

Be sure to download the mesh!

[DL] -no adfly-


Hope you like and happy simming!

I made a slider!

I used Nysha’s slider tutorial to create a slider that I’ve been needing for like, a decade - pointy ears! With one caveat: base ears with the slider moved to the right will look, um,

But it looks ok when you slide it to the left at least! And you can also combine it with some of the other recent sliders to make some pretty cool ears!

Mind you, this is my first time making a slider, so if something else is borked please let me know!

Download here!

Terms of use here!

More Sims 2 downloads here!


💙💜300 Followers Gift; Crystal Earrings💙💜

Hi Everyone!

Well first of all… I’d like the thank you for reading my posts and liking my content! You guys are amazing!❤️ With that in mind I thought of something with stars and eventually they became earrings. I hope you like them! The solids are in a Rhinestone Palette which means; most common jewel colors.

Please consider my TOU before downloading. 

Technical details:

  • New Mesh by Me, do not edit the mesh.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • All LOD’s. LOD 0 (126 vertices 74 polygons) within EA’s standard value.
  • Custom Space textures.
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony tested in both OS (Windows and Mac).

Download the version you like or the merged file.

Download (SFS - No AdFly)

And last but not least…Enjoy! Let me know what ya think! ☺️


Going to the discotheque, getting high and getting wrecked.





Contacts (I don’t usually link contacts, but I love these so much I just had to)


Facial Piercings (comes with loads of different piercings)


If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a big fan of children in Sims 4.  I love, love, love beautiful CC created for children.  Here are 2 really great cc items that I love.

Both the hair and earrings have been reblogged by me on my tumblr page. 

FleurMoon is available for download on my Gallery page (origin ID: ilovesaramoon) and her cc is listed in the post below: