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Cute Boy <3

It’s been amazing playing with toddlers on the sims 4, sure enough many inactive players are coming back just to finally see it happen. May the Pets come!


Toddler Brows: [x] WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Natural Blush: [x]  COSMIC PLUMBOB

Skin: [x]  Zohnny Jest

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Aye im new to this fandom and tumblr, do you have any cool people for me to follow? Doesnt have to be strictly cancer crew but yknow, something like that. Thank you! 💖

Yoo, welcome!!! I’m pretty new too but I’ve settled in really fast, I’m sure it won’t take you long. Here’s a quick list of some of my favourite blogs in no particular order 👌


If anyone else wants to rb this to add more cool blogs for the anon then feel free to do so 👍

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Hey! I don't know if you play with MC Command Center, but if you have that and a vampire tries to come in, there's an option in MC to make them leave. They leave right away.

hi, thanks ! multiple simmers told me about that too ! mc command center seems to be so useful but as an hardcore cc-free player i really don’t use any mods. plus, i strongly believe we shouldn’t have to download mods to prevent issues when the game developpers should have take care of this issue first. that’s not the community job, but theirs! smh. so yeah, mcc is a real gem and trust me : sometimes, i’m really frustrated to not be able to use cc but that’s a choice of mine and i’ll stick to it as long as possible. i’m just gonna chill at cc-free-land and let the gurus deal with the shit they created in the first place, knowing for facts that most players don’t use or want supernaturals in their game.

remember when rachel franklin said “your game, your rules” ?? well, i don’t want vampires, i don’t want plantsims and i don’t want spawning townies but they decided for us how or game should look. of course, there’s still mc commander and so many more options but my point is : that’s not the job of amateur to improve the game - even if they do an awesome job. that’s the game team job to do so and that’s one of the reason why i don’t want mods : we’re giving them too mch “easy” exit to make some improvement for all the people. once, simgurugraham said something like this “yeah, we didn’t do this stuff but there’s some similar mod somewhere so, i guess it’ll do” haha, nope. mods don’t replace the original content and shouldn’t. because the team should make the items and options that customers want and expect, not lean on the community skills and creativity every single time. i hope they fix that for vampires and all the supernaturals who’re coming, tbh. but, thanks again ! (if all this makes sense) #rant

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