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Feelstide is open!

That’s right. Feelstide 2015 is open for business. The past two years were both successes and we’d like to see this year be just as successful. Possibly even bigger!

Those of you following this tumblr are well aware of what Feelstide is. But there are new people joining the fandom all the time and its entirely possible they don’t know what it is. So! There’s no time like the present to provide an explanation.

What is Feelstide?
Feelstide is a holiday-based fanworks festival centered around Marvel characters Clint Barton and Phil Coulson. The fest is the brainchild of members of Feelschat and has been run over the holiday season for the past two years. Anyone is welcome to participate in Feelstide. The only requirement is a love for Clint/Coulson.

Every work created for Feelstide is added to a collection on AO3 and will be revealed daily over the month of December. It is very much like an Advent calender, with new stories or artwork acting as the goodies hidden behind each door.

How does Feelstide work? Is it a fanworks exchange?
It is not a fanworks exchange. Feelstide is a festival for fannish creators where stories or art are based off holiday-themed prompts. Participants are allowed to choose their favorite prompts and their preferred posting dates when they sign up.

When sign ups are closed, each participant will be emailed with the prompt they get to write and the due date of their fanwork.

Where do the prompts come from?
Here’s the great thing! The prompts come from anyone who wants to leave one on the spreadsheet. All we ask is that they be holiday themed prompts. Because Feelstide is run over the month of December, the main holiday it covers is Christmas. But prompts for other holiday celebrations are welcome!

Do I have to create a fanwork in order to leave a prompt?
Not at all! No one is required to participate in Feelstide! If you want to simply leave prompts for others to work with, you are more than welcome!

What happens if I do sign up?
If you decide to sign up, you’ll need to chose three or more prompts that you would like to write and put them on the sign up sheet. (We suggest at least three in case there is more than person who likes the same prompt!) You’ll also need to choose whether or not you want to post in the first or second half of the month. Once sign ups close, the moderators will go through all of the information and assign prompts to each participant. You’ll receive an email with your prompt number and the due date.

How long does my story have to be?
If you decide to join in and write a story or two for Feelstide, it has to be a minimum of five hundred words. If you want to write a longer story than that, you are more than welcome. If you decide to produce art, we ask for one complete piece based on the prompt you choose.

Does my story have to be just Clint/Coulson as a couple or can I include other characters/pairings?
Since Feelschat is dedicated to Clint/Coulson, they should be used as a couple in the story. They can be a background pairing, or they can be part of a threesome/moresome. Other pairings are always welcome. Stories can also be gen, if you like, but Clint and Coulson have to be in the story.

How do I sign up?
Simple! Just head over to the spreadsheet and add your name on page three! You can also find pertinent information about Feelstide on page one. And prompts go on page two.

That should just about cover it. If you have more questions, you can contact me at ladydeathfaerie and I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. You can also find an email address on the first page of the spreadsheet if you would rather send questions there.

Please feel free to reblog this post. Circulate it so everyone who might be interested has a chance to see it. And we look forward to seeing you on the spreadsheet!