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Hello graphic makers!! You’re probably aware that there is a huge problem on tumblr with whitewashing. Or maybe you’re not. As a predominantly disney-based blogger, the whitewashing I personally see are from the disney fandom, so I’m going to use screencaps from those movies to show you several quick techniques so you’ll see just how easy it is to have your pretty bright and pastel colour palettes and not whitewash characters of colour.

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My favorite girl singing my favorite line to one of my favorite songs while doing one of my favorite things she does (visiting kids at hospital and just being genuine and golden and kind).

I just love you, Taylor, so much.. makes me want to cry and get a hug from you! 😭 ❤

harringtonssteve  asked:

Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you've ever done an icon tutorial? Your icons are really the most beautiful I've seen, and I'd love to know your secrets 😊. But if you aren't interested in posting them I totally understand. I hope you're having a great day!!


Hey sorry this took so long to get around to but I finally felt inspired to make this. A couple things first. I want to give a special shout out to argetnallison cuz I learned how to make icons from her tutorials here. I picked up a few tips and tricks that aren’t included in other tutorials so we’re gonna call this an extended icon tutorial. I’ve also been told I explain things well but if there’s anything from this that needs clearing up later just send me a message and i will be happy to help guide you through it. This Is my first time making a tutorial so bare with me if I ramble. 

we will be going from this:

to this

to this 

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aka the easy way fro beginners and lazy people like me

I’ll be using photoshop CC 2014 bc I’m lame

sorry for small pics but you get the idea

STEP 1: get ur pic

I got this pic in CAS but you can do it in game too but make sure the BG color doesn’t match anything on your sim, blue and green are best

Double click your “background” layer so we can work with it

STEP 2: after you double click this with pop up and you just click OKAY ok? I rename mine base for the heck of it but you dont have to

Optional step: right click your layer and select “duplicate layer” and it makes a new layer so if you mess one up you have another (i do this like 10 times when i edit)

Another optional step: click the lil thing beside the trash can and it makes an empty layer. i did this twice

Continuing another optional step: use the paint bucket tool to fill the layers with a color. i use green and black. this helps me see if i missed any spots later on

optional step if you copied the layer. hide the layer you arent working with

STEP 3: select the magic want tool and click the screen. it will make a selection


STEP 5: click the rest of the spots and delete. sometimes spots away from the sim doesnt get selected in in game pics so just erase those

 STEP 6: double check that youve got it all and i have so were good

YOURE DONE!!! it doesnt get every little piece but its easy and you cant see it so i dont care


now ill show you examples and u can be on your way

i made this with a CAS pic

i made this with an in game pic


thank you and goodnight


winter city (cc) by Martin Fisch
Via Flickr:
Wiesbaden, Germany creative commons by marfis75 Twitter: @marfis75 License: cc-by-sa you are free to share, adapt - attribution: Credits to “marfis75 on flickr”

Some people have asked me for tutorials. I’m extremely lazy making tutorials (the truth is I hate making them), but I’ve made this little step-by-step showing off a bit of my working progress for digital illustration. I’ll try to make videos again soon.

Right now I work in Photoshop CC 2014 with a Wacom Intous4 A5.

Rough Sketch:

Lineart begins. I ALWAYS draw the lineart of whole naked body, cause later is easier to draw correctly the outfits and hair:

Dress, dress, dress hair, moure dress details…:

Finished lineart after cleaning all the unnecesary lines:

Base coloring:

Shading, highlights and last details.

anonymous asked:

what program do you use to edit these videos? and what extended software do you use for the effects? I have to take a compulsory media module in uni and i'm struggling sb rn i wanna die please help ;; your edits are rad af 100/100 (ps. if you have some free time and make a tutorial it would be a ++!!!) send help sos

Well. Theres a lot I use tbh haha. I’ll try to break it down because I cant see myself making a tutorial anytime soon.. 

So first of all I use Adobe After Effects CC 2014. I got it when I bought my Mac as part of a package. But you can easily look up videos on youtube to find out how to download after effects for free. Just make sure to look at the comments and number of dislikes to see if its legit.

As for extended software I have several plug-ins that I use :

- Pixel Sorter (which I used for transitions on my Jungkook Trust Issues edit)

- Element 3D (which I use to make and animate text in 3D) 

- Plexus (which I use in my Zodiac Series)

Trapcode (which is amazing and allows you to create so much. Its hard to explain so I’ll leave a link here so you can see the possibilities if you’re interested.)

- Twixtor (extreme slow motion, also used in my Trust Issues edit)

- Twitch (does what it says on the tin haha. It creates shakes basically. I use it in this edit as transitions if you want an example) 

- Magic Bullet Looks (for colour correcting) 

- Red Giant Universe (which again has so many different options so I’ll leave a link here so you can see what its for. but I used one of the effects recently in my Jungkook Beautiful Cover edit to create that VHS effect)

andddd. I think that’s it. That’s all I can remember anyway. And everything I’ve learned is from YouTube tutorials and just messing around in after effects until I find something that works. Hope this helps and good luck editing! x

anonymous asked:

can you do a tutorial on how you made this?? Thank you!! /post/146445719849/apparently-he-has-a-map-that-leads-to-luke

Aye aye! I got your back, anon.

What you’ll be needing:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • The SW adaptation comics (kickass will be ur bff lmao)
  • Basic GIF making
  • Some patience because lol

Here’s a tutorial on how to make this gifset but I will only show how to make this GIF since the other is almost just the same.

This is gonna be a bit image heavy for ya! And also, english isn’t my main tongue so yeah expect some errors, my friend.

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favorite running man moments:

karaoke time with running man (feat shin min ah + jo jung suk)