calmisty My Rosary Chicken costume was a success! Made it to the final round of the costume contest and then won the meet and greet. After a cancelled flight, changing seats to sit next to a mom and baby on the plane to accommodate another mom and kids and having to drive from one airport to another, it was one hell of a day. The costume was really hot but was worth it! Chris loved it and it was great to get to talk with him. He called me KFC during the contest @hrhchriscolfer #chriscolfer #tlos5 #tlostour


chanyeol’s birthday weekcountdown over!

happy birthday to my lov my angel my adorkable tol giraffe boy chanyeol ♡ you really do mean a lot to me and i’m so thankful to have you in my life. you inspire me in so many ways i can’t even begin to explain. i feel like you’re there when no one else is. you make me want to try again when i feel like giving up, you make me smile when i’m feeling down and you help me up when i need it by just being there. somehow we ended up existing in the same lifetime and i think in some way it was meant to be so. i’m so thankful for you and i hope you have an amazing birthday with lots of love. all wishes to you. 찬열 사랑해 ♡