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Click above to see how CBS Sunday helped Chef Hong contribute to all the Mother’s of New York by demonstrating her tasty and healthy papaya pad Thai special on Tony’s Table. Tony Tantillo, an absolute pleasure to cook with, spiced things up and sweetened the mood with Hong Thaimee’s green papaya - an ingredient used through out the world for a unique addition of flavor and character. Tony and Chef Hong were tasting and teaching by 8am. The scent of garlic and shallots sizzling on the stir-fry had the lovely CBS Sunday crew making dinner plans before they heard the morning forecast! Chef Hong poured pad thai sauce, crusted the noodles, added a pinch here and a garnish there to the green papaya… and the Papaya Pad Thai was dished in no time. And with room for the most important ingredient of all - laughter while you cook! A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, and a fabulous recipe you and your family can enjoy together. A special thanks to Tony Tantillo for the enjoyable time. 


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