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He talks about his lack of empathy, or his lack of ability to empathize…but you see that he has this emotional vault, this large stock of emotion to grab from, but, it’s just his inability to control it.  Walter’s growth as a human being, has been, one that at the center, is one of emotional ability to relay, first of all, his feelings as a human being, but second of all, how he feels about love…it’s one of learning how to emotionally adapt. But he’s just finding out how to deal with this incredible toolset that he’s got. It’s been a very large journey within twenty two episodes.
—  Elyes Gabel on Walter’s emotional capacity and character development in season one.
NCIS | 'Housekeeping' 09x12 | DVD Audio Commentary with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo | Marriage and children for Tiva?
  • MICHAEL: Here's the deal. What do you think about a Tony/Ziva wedding?
  • COTE: Oh, I don't know, but you know what I'm looking at? The picture of the dog in your computer!
  • MICHAEL: Oh really?
  • COTE: The DiNozzo dog!
  • MICHAEL: You think maybe the characters will get married? Tony and Ziva?
  • COTE: I don't know; what do you think?
  • MICHAEL: I don't know.
  • COTE: I think if anything, she'll get pregnant.
  • MICHAEL: She could get pregnant and then Tony proposes and she says 'you don't have to do this' and then they argue about it.
  • COTE: And that would be the end of the show.
  • MICHAEL: No, no I think that then there would just be childcare. It would be one of the sets. Our little assassin-baby would be down on the childcare set.
  • COTE: (Laughs) Oh my god.
  • MICHAEL: Come on! Lets rip it open. How about this? You don't know who it is—
  • COTE: Rip it open?
  • MICHAEL: Yeah lets rip it open. What if you had a one-night-stand with Gibbs? And you don't know if it's Tony's baby or Gibbs's baby?
  • COTE: That would be very weird because Gibbs is a father . . . and you're a brother . . .
  • MICHAEL: (Deep voice) In more ways than one.
  • COTE: Oh stop it.
  • MICHAEL: Who's your daddy? (Chuckles) Baby Daddy? That's a um—
  • COTE: (Playing with the word) Baby Dad-dy. Dad-dy.
  • MICHAEL: And then McGee would go down to Abby and complain that you didn't sleep with him, and so why isn't he involved in like the 'who's the daddy?' I think it's a whole season ten plot-line I'm coming up with right now. So, do you think we could continue doing the show with shared custody?
  • COTE: (Laughs) Michael, I mean, look at the things you're bringing up. Children? Actually I brought it up. (Laughs)
  • MICHAEL: I like the idea. I think you could handle it.
  • COTE: Oh yeah for sure I could handle it.
That episode, for me, the last three minutes or so… when that song by the Old 97’s is playing, they’re playing the refrain, “All I want is you for Christmas,” and all Happy wants is to connect with her dad and all Walter wants is to be with Paige, and vice versa, but they can never get there. And Sylvester and Megan, their relationship is starting to blossom a little bit more than friends. And they’re all sitting around that table and exchanging gifts. It’s a classic holiday feel-good ending to what was a very intense, scary episode.

Nick Santora from “Unlikely Heroes: The Making of Scorpion Season 1″ on 1x12 “Dominoes”

“All Walter wants is to be with Paige” 


Since Nick Santora is the creator of Scorpion, I am now acknowledging the FACT that Walter WANTED to be with Paige for Christmas as a true statement. Nick Santora’s word is law in the land of Scorpion. :)