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Great Shot!.
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Remember Mike from Canada and his AMAZING CBX1000? It was one of the most popular bikes I’ve ever featured.

Mike sent me some pics of his ex. The Japanese custom shops punch out some amazing SR’s (I’ve featured a few here) but Mike’s SR is as good as ANY.

Sure the red frame, red engine, red carby, red everthing is over the top but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this…) it’s over the top in a good way.

If you think the pictures a good, read the story behind the bike. The muffler is originally from a Toyota Camry!

“While my, beloved, SR has moved on ( whereabouts unknown) here are a few shots of it; Highlights (?!)

Regarding the Mighty SR, it was always more of a work in progress. Just when you figured you’d taken it about as far as you wanted/could, something else would pull you in. For instance;
  • The headlight ‘fairing’ is an aftermarket, fiberglass, R6 front fender I 'McGyvered’
  • GSXR 750 front end
  • The oil cooler was a class project a buddy gave me from his machine shop course ( thanks again, Dave). It started out as bar stock alloy.
  • RZ350 rear mono. My friend, Joel, dropped off the rolling chassis after he blew up the motor. He figured that I just might have a use for it.
  • Mags from a Yammie FZR6
  • Rear caliper from a ZX750 on a ,modded, SR500 bracket.
  • 'Chin’ fairing is a fiberglass copy I fabbed from a RZ350 ( the original,plastic, one didn’t hold up long to the SR’s vibration). I mounted it using,rubber, radiator mounts for a Toyota.
  • More Toyota bits? That would be the 'muffler’. It started life as a resonator on a Camry.The,alloy, vapor catch tank came from another Camry…it was a receiver/dryer for an A.C. unit.
  • Kickstarter arm from an XS650. I 'McGyvered’ it too, its a stronger bit than the original SR item.
  • Clutch lever from a Honda 900RR.
  • Rear master from a CBR600.
  • Front,radial pump, master from a ZX10R.
  • Speedo uses RZ350 innards. I printed the face using the computer I’m typing this to you with, then shot clear coat over it to keep the colors fast.
  • I got some end-cuts from a, local, plastics distributor and fabbed the clear cam & clutch 'windows’. I just thought they looked kinda cool.
  • Mirrors are metal copies of the, plastic, ones on my mountain bike. More bits I had lying around.
  • The tailpiece is a modded RS250 fiberglass bit. It won’t challange any Gold Wings for comfort, but it looks 'right.
  • TT500 electrics. The, original, SR mag fried and rather than risk another stranding I went for the TT’s simplicity. Actually, a fairly easy mod.
  • Carrilo rod and (I think…its been awhile, a third over piston). Other than that, the motor is pretty much stock.
  • Rearsets are buddy pegs from my old GSXR welded to some, nice, alloy bar stock ( ok a trailer hitch) I found in a parking lot.
Sooo much fun to ride. No worries about being a hero, it is a 500 single after all. Just mount up, kick it to life, and go for a ride. Though….on a twisty road it was never passed, and there weren’t many bikes could run from it. Staight sections? Well, you just had to hope that there would be twisty bits along in short order. The kick start is a real crowd pleaser. Always fun to watch someone, with no kicker experience, reduce themselves to a sweaty mass of frustration, as the SR mocks their efforts. Here is a walk around vid of the bike. Amazing bike.

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THE BIKE IS FIXED!!!! Finally!!! So we ended up salvaging some parts from my brothers friends wrecked R6. So I now have a new front wheel (mine was bent) new rotors (mine were warped) and other random little parts. Plus I got a new front tire and my forks serviced 💪🏻 also replaced the throttle cable, cleaned the throttle bodies, and removed the tire pressure sticker on the swingarm.

The new front wheel doesn’t have the red rim tape that came with my bike. So should I cover up the red rim tape on my back tire or get red rim tape to put on the front??
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