All the work I’ve been doing recently has paid off. Picked up this beauty today. A 2014 Honda CBR500R with 6000kms on the odometer. I took several fun detours on the ride back home, taking it on the highway and through the city. It was raining, so I couldn’t push the bike to it’s limits, but even so the thing has a tremendous amount of torque on tap and feels so comfortable on the highway. Definitely more powerful than the Honda Grom I’ve been using during my learner lessons!

I’m sincerely grateful for the months of learner training I went through to get my RE licence. It really helped on the ride home. I feel like I’m a safer rider because of it.

Sorry for the poor lighting conditions. I took this shot during my trip home at night. I’ll get some better daytime shots tomorrow.


Really good review of the new Honda CBR500R and CB500F motorcycles.

I would not mind one o’ them CB500F’s, lemme tellya.