comic book meme favorite characters: jason todd 

so here i am. a “hero”? a “villain”? i’m the guy who can do the things that batman can’t… become someone that batman won’t. am i the man bruce wanted me to become? not even close. but someday soon he’ll realize… i’m exactly who he needs.


comic book meme - 5 female characters [1/5]
Donna Troy

“Ask anyone who knows her well, and they will tell you of her generous heart. Her conscience and loving nature. But it should never be forgotten what kind of fire burns within. She is a soldier. A combatant. A gladiator. She is an Amazon. She grips her sword handle hard enough to break it. She brings her hand down with force so great that her own flesh tears. She doesn’t shy away from battle… She turns towards it. And when she sees death before her, she does not run. No. She faces it.”

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Thor: Ragnarok (Taika Waititi, 2017)

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Source: Mark RuffaloCBM, Entertainment Tonight

Is Suicide Squad a Hit or a Flop?  Let the Numbers Decide.

There’s been a lot of arguing going around about whether or not the DCEU can be considered a success, despite its critical panning.  Critics have bemoaned the idea that movies they don’t think are good, like the much-panned Suicide Squad, can be seriously successful, but critics are also the people who gave Sharknado an 86%, certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, apparently ironically.

Additionally, it seems that no matter what the numbers are for the DCEU releases, people keep moving the goalposts.  When Batman v Superman didn’t pull an overall gross of a billion dollars, people shouted from the rooftops that it spelled the end of the DCEU.  I’ve seen similar talk of Suicide Squad’s record-breaking opening somehow not being enough, too.

So, I thought I would sit down and compare the opening weekend grosses every live-action superhero CBM, aside from standalone Watchmen, to be released in the last sixteen years.

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anonymous asked:

After all their movies flop, the DCEU shows that it still cannot develop women as apparent by WW, Zatanna, and Harley Quinn. Why can't they follow the MCU and characterize them as well as Black Widow Jessica Jones and Wanda who are completely comic book accurate in every way possible and demonstrate how women, POC, and ALL cbm should be like.

A Wonder Woman movie in phase one? So rushed. Clearly M.arvel is taking its time with the Blank Window movie because it’s aging like fine wine. Just the movie, not the actress. Women can’t age in the M.CU so by the time they get around to making it they’re probably gonna have to recast her. But with another white redhead, of course.

So, I was thinking on Steve Trevor’s role in Wonder Woman film, about his supposed death because I have some thoughts about it.

Firts of all, all the actors who sign contracts for cbm, it’s known they have to sign at least for three movies but, since Chris’s a supporting character, maybe he just signed for one, Wonder Woman. But, the think I don’t get is, if he dies, what’s gonna happen if they make more Wonder Woman movies? Are they just gonna erase in DCEU Diana and Steve iconic relationship? I’m not saying Diana needs a love interest in her movies or anything, but her relationship with Steve is more than that, they’re also best friends, and they are bound with each other in a relationship full of love, trust, compromise and endless support for each other, no matter if they are dating at the moment or not, no matter what. It really is such a beautiful thing to see (and to read) what they mean for each other in not even a romantic way, like, Diana is a important part of Steve and viceversa. So, are they seriously gonna erase this?

I read a crazy theory that says Steve dies but for future movies the Steve Trevor we’ll see would be original Steve’s grandson. So maybe he dies in WW, but not tragically, maybe him and Diana make some kind of agreenment, maybe she’s aware she can’t be romantically involved with anyone for x reasons, like she’s inmortal (this is a very good reason I have to say lmao), so maybe he just die like a happy grandpa who raised a family which he loves, but he always had Diana in his heart and thoughts as the woman who left on him a mark he could never erased.

So, my point is, maybe there is still hope, my guys, maybe it is not gonna be that sad. The grandson theory is a little weird, but it’s something. Also, I want to keep myself optimistic okay? I don’t want to cry a river with this movie, so my mind had to think on something. :)

anonymous asked:

Can you explain what you mean by "aggravating stereotypes"? In regards to suicide squad? It feels like PoC who feel represented and might fit those "stereotypes" are being told they're selfish or "wrong" for liking suicide squad. We get next to no representation at all so it feels weird to hear that we are supposed to condemn suicide squad. You can enjoy the movie and feel represented but criticize the flaws right?

If you enjoyed the movie, sure. I enjoy a  lot of movies that are shitty and can acknowledge that (I fucking love Batman Forever and Tank Girl lol). Suicide Squad, in my opinion, is not a good movie in general. I have not told anyone they have to condemn it or that they’re wrong for liking it. The aggravating stereotypes comment was just a reflection of the common complaint that of course it took a movie about criminals/villains to get a mostly PoC leading cast in a CBM. Like how Ant-Man probably has the most PoC in any Marvel movie… because of all the prison scenes with criminal extras.

I am still so glad that Adam Beach was in Suicide Squad. This means the fucking world to me. I’m going to keep talking about it. But I’m not going to act like I wasn’t punched in the gut and spat in the face because of how he was treated in the film. You can still celebrate the representation, the diverse casting, but I won’t be praising this film when they sidelined and killed characters that they even bragged about including because “yay we love diversity see???”. I don’t know who’s telling people they’re selfish for liking Suicide Squad’s diversity. It ain’t me. I’m just really disappointed and I am going to continue to point out it’s flaws.

- mod g

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Can we stop trying to white up characters in CBM esp when it's rumored that the studio is looking to diversify the cast. Alexandra Daddario is the one I'm seeing being mostly fancast as Zatanna and I'm not here for it. Nothing against the actress but she doesn't suit Zatanna, she'd suit more of a villainous character

I agree. If we’re hearing that the studio is looking for a Latina or black actress, then why are we fancasting white actresses in the role? We should be happy and supportive of them looking for nonwhite actresses.