My Top 10 Favorite Comic Book movies: 2) Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

“And now you will fly to him, and you will battle him to the death. Black and blue. Fight night. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: God versus man; day versus night; Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!”

is it pretentious of me to say that i almost feel sad for people that dont appreciate BvS? Every day I wake up to new meta or the cast being awesome or just general BvS love and the haters are still stuck on making Martha jokes and its like….I’m truly so happy for BvS existing and im glad I was able to find all the little and big things about BvS that allow me to appreciate it. im not even mad about about the jokes anymore I’m literally just like “genuinely sucks to be you buddy”


Comic Book Meme: [2/5] favorite FEMALE characters: Cassandra Cain

 “But you are not what they made you be. You are something more. You are what you choose to be […] You aren’t a monster, that’s what they tried to make you but it didn’t work. You are a hero. Because that’s the path you took yourself.”

How ‘Deadpool’ Saved Ryan Reynolds
By Ramin Setoodeh

Ryan Reynolds spent 11 years thinking about what it would feel like to walk in Deadpool’s shoes. So when he finally got to don the red Spandex suit, he’d already worked out the character: His underdog Marvel superhero wouldn’t have Superman’s steely strut but instead would walk with a bounce. “Deadpool is so feminine,” the actor says over soup at a hotel in Bel-Air. “At least in how I saw him.”

The trouble was that the stunt doubles had a hard time dropping the macho swagger. “I’d say, ‘When you land, can you sashay away?’” Reynolds laughs.

This week, Reynolds’ special gait will be on full display on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. “Deadpool” is the first live-action comic-book movie to score a best-picture nomination in the organization’s 74-year-history, competing in the musical/comedy category. And Reynolds is in the running as a best actor nominee, following a prize at the Critics’ Choice Awards last month. “Not to sound too esoteric,” Reynolds says, “but I really got this guy.”

In a year of outsiders in which Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders emerged as political superstars, “Deadpool,” a D-list comic-book mercenary with a disfigured face and an arsenal of raunchy puns, became one of the major success stories at the movies. The 20th Century Fox release, cobbled together on a shoestring (for the genre) $58 million budget, raked in $783 million worldwide, surpassing “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Suicide Squad.” But just as important, the movie catapulted Reynolds, an amiable Canadian who has had his share of flops, back onto the A-list

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comic book meme ☆ [3/5] favorite FEMALE characters: Kate Kane 

↳ “I tell myself that the tears are only from the smoke and the heat, but it’s more than that… it is fear. […] Fear that I will never have half the courage of this Batwoman.” -Wonder Woman


“God is tribal, God takes sides. I figured out way back, if God is all powerful, he cannot be all good. If he is all good, he cannot be all powerful. And neither can you be.

can u believe zack snyder gave us both watchmen and batman v superman (and man of steel obvi but ya)????? can u actually believe this man gave us two distinct superhero films that were polarizing topics both times by critics? two films that deconstruct superheroes under layers of complex cinematography, with the most distinct and iconic lines in both cbms? there’s something so particular about watchmen and batman v superman, the similarities yet differences, the shared themes in separate executions, the storytelling, the framework of everything, i just……im speechless…what a man…what a gift to superhero films and storytelling….

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