I know I don’t normally put personal messages out here, but it’s been a long day so I’m sending this one out to the CBGC and all the top shelf Dapper Dames, and Dans from around the world.  Keep it classy people…


Casa Blanca Gangster Crips (Riverside)

Casa Blanca Gangster Crips (Riverside)

The Casa Blanca Gangster Crips (CBGC) also known as Casa Blanca Crips (CBC) and 2800 Blocc Gangster Crips, are primarily an African-American street gang located in the neighborhood of Casa Blanca, on the South Side of Riverside, California.  They share the Casa Blanca Community, with the Casa Blanca Rivas, such as the Casa Blanca Fern Street and the Casa Blanca Evans Street  (Hispanic gangs). 


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How Old Is Too Old to Crash on Your Buddy’s Couch? A Handy Guide.

Please send your questions for publication to gentlemanscholarslate@gmail.com. (Letters may be edited.) Recently my husband and I were enjoying a night out. We were seated at the bar of one of our favorite local establishments. On my husband’s left was a somewhat inebriated couple, and when they got up to…

I like this gent’s work. Worth a look. 


Remember when Blondie was a punk band? 

Evening Wear

I unexpectedly attended a formal banquet this weekend and got to dust off my tux. I have got to find more black-tie events to attend.