Officially on cycle 5

pink spotting and cramps… . 

monitor is now set to day 1.

ALSO started afresh on slimming world this morning… bad habits had been creeping in.. :s So this cycle is off full steam ahead..Thank you so much to everyone for the pre-seed advice :) you're all awesome 

now lets do this…Cycle 5 the month I get pregnant… I may of missed out on a 2013 baby .. but 2014 is the year of my future babies birth!!

On Facebook tonight..

2 pregnancy announcements and a birth .

When will it be my turn :( Ive never seen 2 lines and it’s killing me :s

I’ve started taking evening primrose oil this cycle… Only until ovulation as I know afterward can prevent ttc!

Mr Husband is also this cycle going to start taking a zinc tablet every day :)

I’m hoping these things are going to improve our chances :s

Maybe when I can start POAS on the monitor ill pick up my positivity again :)

something new

Clear blue have written to me to say that the expected start  day of the trial im taking part in is now delayed and they will contact me when i can start… grrrr

BUT I just bought a fertility monitor on ebay for £11!!!!!!!!

SO Ill look forward to trying that out next cycle :D