Why is nobody talking about the Crying Breakfast Friends / Inter-dimensional Family Friend Crossover?!   

I’ll admit I was kind of skeptical when I first heard about it.  Like, just because they’re two shows on the same network and the both have “friend” in the title, doesn’t mean you should do a crossover.  But it was pretty solid.  I liked that they brought back Crying Egg and then IFF immediately sat on him and broke him again.  That was pretty funny.  

I gotta watch more Interdimensional-Family Friend.  

CBF say that the assistant referee called Neymar “piscinero” during Colombia game, which means diver.
CBF lawyer Carlos Eugรชnio Lopes: “Neymar heard it, Dunga heard it, the whole bench heard it. It’s not acceptable that an assistant ref does this
—  via Brazilstats