imagina comer um mel de abelhas extraído da cannabis? Isso mesmo, mel de thc!

O apicultor Nicolas “Trainerbees” tira pólen da cannabis e leva para a colmeia - e ele garante que o produto final rende o mesmo barato que um cigarro de maconha!!!!!!!!

Ele também diz que as abelhas não sofrem qualquer efeito da cannabis ao puxar o pólen da planta por não possuírem receptores de canabinoides.

O homem de 39 anos vive na França e diz ter passado os últimos anos preocupado em unir suas duas paixões: maconha e abelhas. Treinou os bichinhos para coletarem o açúcar de frutas, ao invés de usar flores. Deu certo. Tentou, então, ensiná-las a puxar a resina da maconha e levar de volta à colmeia para produzir mel, o que ele diz ter conseguido.

Can you imagine eating a bee honey extracted from cannabis? That’s right, thc honey!
Beekeeper Nicolas “Trainerbees” polishes off cannabis and leads to the hive - and he ensures that the final product yields the same cheap as a marijuana cigarette !!!!!!!!

He also says that bees do not suffer any effects of cannabis by pulling pollen from the plant because they do not have cannabinoid receptors.

The 39-year-old man lives in France and says he has spent the past few years worried about uniting his two passions: marijuana and bees. He trained the animals to collect fruit sugar, instead of using flowers. It worked. He then tried to teach them how to pull the resin from marijuana and bring it back to the hive to produce honey, which he says he has achieved.


My poor baby Thor. He had an allergic reaction to something and swelled up like a balloon. Same thing happened this time last year and the vet gave him a $200 steroid shot and all was better in about 3 days. This time we tried an alternative. Pet CBD oil. A little on the skin and some in his mouth and within 1 hour 80% of the swelling and hives were gone. By the next morning all of the swelling was gone. Less than 24hrs after using the CBD oil my baby was back to normal

So I got my CBD oil in the mail today. The NHS is currently testing it and it’s probably going to become illegal to sell (it’ll be on prescription instead) so I thought I’d get in on it ahead of time. It’s great. I’ve had a migraine today that was bad enough to make me throw up (which I don’t usually do) but vaping the oil has almost completely removed the headache and I’m not nauseous anymore.

I’m really excited about trying it for my IBS because it gets a lot better when I smoke weed, but I can’t be high all the time.