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imagina comer um mel de abelhas extraído da cannabis? Isso mesmo, mel de thc!

O apicultor Nicolas “Trainerbees” tira pólen da cannabis e leva para a colmeia - e ele garante que o produto final rende o mesmo barato que um cigarro de maconha!!!!!!!!

Ele também diz que as abelhas não sofrem qualquer efeito da cannabis ao puxar o pólen da planta por não possuírem receptores de canabinoides.

O homem de 39 anos vive na França e diz ter passado os últimos anos preocupado em unir suas duas paixões: maconha e abelhas. Treinou os bichinhos para coletarem o açúcar de frutas, ao invés de usar flores. Deu certo. Tentou, então, ensiná-las a puxar a resina da maconha e levar de volta à colmeia para produzir mel, o que ele diz ter conseguido.

Can you imagine eating a bee honey extracted from cannabis? That’s right, thc honey!
Beekeeper Nicolas “Trainerbees” polishes off cannabis and leads to the hive - and he ensures that the final product yields the same cheap as a marijuana cigarette !!!!!!!!

He also says that bees do not suffer any effects of cannabis by pulling pollen from the plant because they do not have cannabinoid receptors.

The 39-year-old man lives in France and says he has spent the past few years worried about uniting his two passions: marijuana and bees. He trained the animals to collect fruit sugar, instead of using flowers. It worked. He then tried to teach them how to pull the resin from marijuana and bring it back to the hive to produce honey, which he says he has achieved.


This is the first pro-med MJ video I’ve ever seen that doesn’t focus at all on the THC, but rather looks for benefits from CBD (no high). This looks at MJ from a medical/patient point of view and it is SO informative. CBD is truly such a great medicine that I support fully (look up how incredible Charlottes Web Oil is for children and adults!) and I wish more people were educated about it!!

Initial thoughts on my CBD products (only been using them for a week):

- The salve is awesome. It’s not cooling, like a lot of pain topicals, which is key for me because cooling products can cause my entire body to start shivering. I’ve been rubbing it on my knees whenever they get “twingy” and within a few minutes the pain is alleviated. Woah then I can walk without having to use my cane or grit my teeth through the pain.

- The oral spray (supposed to provide short term relief) does seem to help a little with my anxiety after I use it. I have not used it to “treat” any panic attacks, however - just background/generalized anxiety. I really don’t physically feel anything but within a few moments my mood is a little softer, at least.

- The Charlotte’s Web oil has been a bit of a let down, but I’ve only had it a week (and was in the hospital for half of that) so it could take more time. Taking it morning and night hoping it can ease some of my pain and background/generalized anxiety. Fortunately I chose the medium strength, so I can try the strongest formula if this one doesn’t work out. It just doesn’t seem to have any effect, yet.


I’m considering very seriously going off my meds and trying something natural.

To be specific; cbd oil. I won’t go much into what it is because I need to do more research before I commit. But my witchy friend at the shop I go to swears by it. It’s supposed to help with anxiety, depression, ptsd, quitting smoking, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, and a bunch of other stuff.

Idk. I’m tired of the side effects of these meds. I can’t sleep. When I do I have terrible nightmares and wake up in a cold sweat. I’ve gained weight even tho I hardly eat (I’m hypoglycemic so I have to force myself to eat), my neck is always stiff and my joints are killing me. I have constant tremors, my seizures aren’t getting better. I’m nauseous all the time, which makes it hard to eat so I basically survive off liquids because that’s all I can stomach half the time, and more. I’m just so tired of all these things.

But I’m terrified if I go off them I’ll hit either major depression or worse a massive manic episode. I fucking hate being mentally ill. Nothing I do ever seems to work and even my good days I still have anxiety attacks and all the side effects listed above (and more).

I don’t think cbd oil is a magical cure (ignore the pun considering this is a witchcraft blog lol) but I do know that hemp and marijuana are as close as you can get to one. People all the time swear by it.

But I’m so afraid. I don’t even like trying new medications because I just know I’ll have the side effects, even if I wait and don’t look them up until I start exhibiting unusual symptoms just in case I psych myself out.

Idk. Idk what to do honestly. I bought a “starter pack” from the witchy shop. It’s veteran owned (being a military oriented person who basically only knows people in the military this is a good thing, even if I don’t agree with military practices) and she says that she’s had people go off their meds before with this stuff claiming that they feel so much better with it.

But what if I’m not one of those people? I mean I tried the candy, it calmed me down from an anxiety attack and made me super relaxed and all that. I did a drop under my tongue last night along with my meds and slept better than I have in a long time (still woke up sweating like crazy |i know gross| and I’m up at 4:30am again) but it was actual good sleep. Something I’ve not had in a really long time. But still, I’ve been conditioned to be terrified of anything natural.

I guess if anyone’s made it through this, please give me your opinions and advice. I’m of course going to do more research before I decide to go off my meds, but opinions would be nice.


:)))) just discovered that CBD oil actually helps with anxiety–and of course it’s deemed a Schedule 1 drug now. I’m just wondering if it’ll show up on a drug test, otherwise, I’m gonna keep smoking it until I can’t get any.

Why make something illegal if it helps? I didn’t need to get high to feel better, just need to chill out when irrational thoughts get into my head.

For Caregivers who have Littles with mental illnesses

I personally suffer from mental illnesses, and I know how hard it can be to take care of yourself when you’re depressed, anxious, etc. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Caregivers are wonderful people do be just that. So here are some things I’ve learned from years of therapy, psychiatry, hospitalizations, and personal research.

- sunlight is more important than you think. Encourage your little to go outside. If they can’t for scheduling reasons, or it is difficult to do so due to a handicap, you can get lamps that simulate sunlight. I have one, I use it during the winter when there’s a lot fewer light hours in the day. If you search therapy light dozens of results will come up.

- a healthy body helps to build a healthy mind. It’s easy when you’re not feeling well to just stick to fattening comfort food. Make sure your little is eating enough nutrients. Fruits can help a sweet tooth, and veggies will sub for crispy chips.

- water water water. There is not a single part of your body that water doesn’t help. Keep your littles favorite cup filled with water to keep them hydrated. It helps muscle soreness/weakness, digestive system, and can help you feel more awake and alert.

- keep them on top of their meds. Remembering to take meds is hard. Sometimes wanting to take meds is hard. Encourage them to take them everyday. Don’t punish them for forgetting, or they won’t want to tell you if they do.

- find calming tactics. This could be counting, calming bottles, breathing exercises, or anything else that may help them relax in a moment of panic and anxiety.

- get them moving. Physical activity releases endorphins, which is a natural way to get a “high” that improves your physical and mental health. Even just a short walk will get their heart rate up.

- natural remedies. If your little isn’t a fan of pharmaceuticals, or needs an extra kick, natural remedies could be the answer. After hearing stories of it working wonders, I recently started cbd hemp oil called Charlotte’s Web. Although it’s made from Marijuana, it has no psychoactive features. It’s something to look into.

- more natural remedies. Essential oils can also be great. Scents like lavender and eucalyptus are proven to calm the brain. You can get lotions with those scents, candles, oil diffusers, or simply put a drop on your finger an apply it to the tip of your nose.

- be careful with substances. Drugs (including nicotine and caffeine) and alcohol can increase depression and psychotic thoughts and behaviors. Although they may help in the moment, overall they cause further issues.

- and of course most importantly make sure your little feels loved and wanted. Constantly remind them how special they are to you, how proud of them you are, and how great their doing, no matter how simple of thing.

Feel free to add more!