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Joint relief: Marijuana helps mend broken bones
Tel Aviv University scientists find cannabis speeds healing of fractures, may be used to treat bone-related diseases

More great research about cannabis and cannabinoids!

Researchers at Tel Aviv University​ in Israel have found that CBD, the most prevalent non-psychoactive substance in cannabis, “significantly helps heal bone fractures”. CBD doesn’t just help heal the broken bone though, it actually makes that bone harder to break in the future!

According to researchers, the CBD accelerated “the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which provides the basis for new mineralization of bone tissue.” Lead researcher Dr. Yankel Gabet also said “The clinical potential of cannabinoid-related compounds is simply undeniable at this point,”
While some government officials claim cannabis has no medical benefits, all of this research is right in front of them!

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Can weed help heal broken bones?
Can weed help heal broken bones? Got cannabis? Watch out milk, it looks like you may have some competition. Scientists in Israel have discovered that cbd...

Scientists in Israel have recently discovered that the chemical compound CBD (found exclusively in marijuana) may help heal bone fractures. Read the full article to find out more.