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Preview: Heartland - 11.02 - Highs and Lows

Looking back at Season 9 of Heartland. This wonderful compilation video was created by the Heartland editorial department as part of a package that gets sent to various festivals and media outlets to use as promotional material for the show. We just thought it was too darn good not to share. Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s Make Jessica a Main Character

Thank you to everyone who reblogged and tweeted in response to the HLonNetflix situation, it all worked out. And since it worked, I’m hopeful that this next idea will too.

After 10 seasons, it’s due time that Jessica be named a regular. I’ve been told in previous years that Jessica would probably never be on Heartland more than she was in the earlier seasons….then season 9 happened. She was in 12 episodes out of 18 but she was still not named a regular and never received a bio/photo on the website. (Also- Nathaniel Arcand is still listed as a main character on the website yet Jessica was in more episodes than him ???) I personally have waited for it to happen and I’ve asked repeatedly with no success, but this time TC had the idea to get EVERYONE involved. 

The plan is to tweet to @/HeartlandonCBC asking them to add Jessica Steen as a regular for season 10 and adding the hashtag #JSonHL (I seriously can’t think of anything better right now hahaha)

Unlike the Netflix situation– THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! So anyone, anywhere can help out. Please reblog, tweet as many times as you can and share!!

(Besides, how cool would it be to finally see Jessica on the offical Heartland artwork for season 10?)

Let’s do this for Jessica.