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Today is a pretty special. 3 years ago on this day, close to this time, the episode this edit is from aired. It had been hinted to me that it would happen but I didn’t believe it until the night of April 13, 2014. They got married. Of course it was spoiled for me and I had to wait another 30 minutes to actually see the episode then CRIED. Though no one remembers it but me, it’s Jisa’s anniversary 😊 Anyways, happy 3 years ❤ This is something I hold close to my heart.

Looking back at Season 9 of Heartland. This wonderful compilation video was created by the Heartland editorial department as part of a package that gets sent to various festivals and media outlets to use as promotional material for the show. We just thought it was too darn good not to share. Wouldn’t you agree?

Heartland FAQ update...

Thanks to all of you who dropped some suggestions for the Heartland FAQ.

I’ve added a new link to my blog and I’ll update as time goes on. For now, here’s what’s in it:

Heartland FAQ

Q: Are Amy and Ty married in real life? 
A: Amy & Ty are married on the TV show, Heartland. The actors, Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle, are married to other people in real life. They have never dated.

Q: Why is Lobo the dog no longer on Heartland?
A: Lobo was phased out because the dog that played him (Nitro) was an older dog, and did not do well with the heat. The dog has since passed away.

Q: When will the next seasons of Heartland be up on Netflix?
A: CBC and Heartland have no control over when Netflix (in any country) adds more seasons. You should contact Netflix directly in your country to inquire as to when they will add new seasons.

Submitted by: heartland-lb 

Q: Does Amber really own Spartan? 
A: Spartan is played by a number of different horses. Amber Marshall owns none of them.

Q: Are Ashley and Caleb dating? Are they going to get back together?
A: No; Kerry James is married to someone who is not Cindy Busby. No, it is unlikely Caleb and Ashley are going to get back together. Cindy Busby has moved on to other projects in real life, and Caleb Odell has moved on to another relationship in the fictional world of Heartland.

Q: Where can I watch Heartland?
A: The answer to this depends entirely on where you live. Heartland is available on broadcast TV in 119 countries around the world; paying close attention to your local TV Guide or by inquiring through your country’s TV channels is a good place to start. 

Q: “I live in the USA and I can’t watch the new seasons.”
A: This is usually because you’re not subscribing to the channels that offer Heartland. In the USA, the broadcaster with first-run rights is UPtv. After they’ve shown the latest seasons, other U.S.-based broadcasters may show the episodes. This includes legal streaming services such as Netflix USA, Hulu, iTunes US, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Feeln, and Pureflix.

Q: Where is Heartland located?
A: The Heartland ranch exists in two places. All exterior ranch scenes (ranch house, barns, Quonset hut, round pen, etc.) are on private property in the town of Millarville. All interior ranch house scenes are shot in a studio in Calgary.

Q: Can I visit the location?
A: No. Visitors are not usually admitted to either the private property (it’s private, so unless invited, you’d be trespassing). The studio does not admit visitors, either. On certain occasions, visitors are invited, such as those with a Make a Wish Foundation, or other charity auction visit. 

Q: Why don’t Jack and Tim get along? 
A: People in real life have conflicts. In the past, Tim messed up his life due to a career-ending injury at the Calgary Stampede. He became addicted to pain killers and alcohol. It ruined his marriage to Marion, and Jack kicked him out. Tim has since tried to make up for the time he lost with his daughters, Lou and Amy. Jack is no longer quite as hostile towards Tim, but the two seem to enjoy baiting each other, anyway.

Q: Do Ty and Amy get back together? (Breakup after breakup after breakup.)
A: Yes.

Q: Do Scott and Lou date?
A: Assuming you mean the characters, yes. They dated in the beginning, but broke up. Lou eventually married Peter Morris. 

Q: Why is Ty on probation?
A: Ty got fed up with his stepfather Wade’s abusive behavior towards his mother, Lily. He was arrested and sent to Juvie for nearly beating Wade to death. After serving his time, he was put on probation. Clint Riley, his probation officer, arranged with Marion Fleming to have Ty come to Heartland Ranch to help with his “rehabilitation”. 

Submitted by: novelty-keeper

Q: Amber is there any way you can get Netflix in the USA to get season 10, etc.?
A: Amber Marshall has no control over what Netflix in any country can do. Stop asking her and other actors/crew members of the show. 

Q: Which horse is Amber Marshall’s favourite?
A: Amber Marshall has repeatedly informed the fans that while Spartan is played by multiple horses, one particular horse in the role, Stormy, is her favourite.

Submitted by: tomh6352

Let’s Make Jessica a Main Character

Thank you to everyone who reblogged and tweeted in response to the HLonNetflix situation, it all worked out. And since it worked, I’m hopeful that this next idea will too.

After 10 seasons, it’s due time that Jessica be named a regular. I’ve been told in previous years that Jessica would probably never be on Heartland more than she was in the earlier seasons….then season 9 happened. She was in 12 episodes out of 18 but she was still not named a regular and never received a bio/photo on the website. (Also- Nathaniel Arcand is still listed as a main character on the website yet Jessica was in more episodes than him ???) I personally have waited for it to happen and I’ve asked repeatedly with no success, but this time TC had the idea to get EVERYONE involved. 

The plan is to tweet to @/HeartlandonCBC asking them to add Jessica Steen as a regular for season 10 and adding the hashtag #JSonHL (I seriously can’t think of anything better right now hahaha)

Unlike the Netflix situation– THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! So anyone, anywhere can help out. Please reblog, tweet as many times as you can and share!!

(Besides, how cool would it be to finally see Jessica on the offical Heartland artwork for season 10?)

Let’s do this for Jessica. 

Calling Horse Lovers!

Is there a Heartland fandom on Tumblr? I’ve been to the tab and it’s a little sparse! If you’re out there somewhere, reblog and I’ll follow you! If you haven’t seen Heartland,but you love horses, watch it! You can find most episodes on YouTube! It’s based (very, very) loosely off the book series of the same name.