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So, Season 11, Maybe...

All right, all right, all right… Nothing is certain until we hear it on Tuesday at 11 a.m., ET.

But guys, Season 11… This means they’ve got to already be drafting story lines, or be in the process of thinking about how a potential Season 11 is going to look.

Certainly, the feedback—negative and positive—throughout Season 10 has got to be foremost in the minds of the actors and the writers. The one take-away I would personally have received is all about Ty and his lengthy absence. If they try that one again, it’ll be a tough season to swallow for many fans.

There’s a fine line between telling the stories that need to be told, and telling the stories the fans want. Season 10 was flirting very dangerously with that line. Even though there was much to enjoy—and I did enjoy it—there’s only so much goodwill to spare when it comes to the appearance and disappearance of principal cast members.

Really hoping folks like Garham Wardle and Michelle Morgan can commit to the full season, or at least 90% of it.

I can buy Ty being away for one episode for a “veterinary conference” or to visit Lily. But more than that? Not cool for a new dad to be out of the picture, and especially not after his near-death confession that he was going to be a better father than Brad was.

I can also buy Lou being away for a few episodes to be in NYC, but even that excuse starts to wear just as thin as Lisa being away to God knows where every time she’s not in the picture. (And speaking of Lisa, for the sake of long-suffering JISA fans… please someone find a way to make her a permanent fixture. Please.)

Baby Borden… It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I am leaning more towards boy, since that would help balance things out a bit. I doubt I speak for myself when I say I’d love to witness all the usual milestones, like the first word, the first step, in no particular order. And lest we forget: the choosing of the stone. (Cue the usual rant about never seeing Lisa getting a stone, but I digress.)

What will go on with Tim and Casey?

How will Clay and Jade’s non-relationship develop, and what happens with their budding careers?

Which characters would we like to see make a return?

How do Cass and Caleb fare as a married couple?

Will we ever catch more than a few glimpses of Scott?

How does the Adam/Olivia/Georgie thing shake out?

Is Sandra back to coach the Extreme Team?

Any long-term repercussions from Ty’s Mongolia trip?

Any more “health scares” looming for anyone?

Anyone have anything else to add?

“Three, two, one.. Cheese!” Heartland family - Season 9 Episode 02


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INTERVIEW: Watch Amber talk about Heartland, Season 11, and why the show remains so popular 10 years later.

My Thoughts: Season 10 Finale

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This episode gets a solid 7 out of 10 from me. Like the strawberry jam recipe of Mrs. Bell’s they were once trying to re-create, the finale was good, but not great. 

There were no real surprises other than whether Amy and Ty would be having a girl or a boy. I found the “Ty has to stay put until he sees a specialist” wholly unnecessary and a bit of a contrivance, since we knew he was going to be present for the baby’s birth. No need to create mystery where there was none in the first place. 

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Let’s Make Jessica a Main Character

Thank you to everyone who reblogged and tweeted in response to the HLonNetflix situation, it all worked out. And since it worked, I’m hopeful that this next idea will too.

After 10 seasons, it’s due time that Jessica be named a regular. I’ve been told in previous years that Jessica would probably never be on Heartland more than she was in the earlier seasons….then season 9 happened. She was in 12 episodes out of 18 but she was still not named a regular and never received a bio/photo on the website. (Also- Nathaniel Arcand is still listed as a main character on the website yet Jessica was in more episodes than him ???) I personally have waited for it to happen and I’ve asked repeatedly with no success, but this time TC had the idea to get EVERYONE involved. 

The plan is to tweet to @/HeartlandonCBC asking them to add Jessica Steen as a regular for season 10 and adding the hashtag #JSonHL (I seriously can’t think of anything better right now hahaha)

Unlike the Netflix situation– THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! So anyone, anywhere can help out. Please reblog, tweet as many times as you can and share!!

(Besides, how cool would it be to finally see Jessica on the offical Heartland artwork for season 10?)

Let’s do this for Jessica. 

Let me just say:
This is GREAT news and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. {Well except for giving birth, to my 1 and only}  |
Come April, every Heartland Loving American will be BINGE Watching Heartland for a super long time :D YEAH!

But there are those few loud mouths out there {around cyberville} who seem to think that this is a sign *A BAD SIGN* as to HL’s demise {being over}……… (((whatever)))

We at USA Heartland Fans are extremely excited about this and we are seriously excited for a season 11 and beyond. You will never see us say or see us agree with the sentiment, that HL is over….
So Seven24 Films & CBC, bring us Heartland for as long as ….. F*O*R*E*V*E*R.