cbc challenge

Hello our lovely members of CBC how are we all doing? Good I hope! So we’ve been open a grand total of 24 hours and counting. We all thought that hey, it might be a good time to start you guys off with a writing challenge which we will do our best to have regularly – we certainly don’t want you all getting bored on us. Along with writing challenges we will have plenty of events and plot shuffles but this is just something easy to get started. You guys will have an entire week to complete the challenge and it’s by no means mandatory, however we will be noticing the members that take part. The length of the writing is totally up to you, but don’t hesitate to go into detail. Just don’t hold back!

♠ → PROMPT – 

Write about morality and your characters relationship to it. Maybe they have none? Maybe they have a lot? Maybe there was a situation once, where your character and their morality was pushed to the boundary and even over the boundary? Either way the subject if morality and your characters views, thoughts and how they act when confronted in high or low moral situations.

♠ → DETAILS – 

You’ll all have next Monday, July 1st to complete the prompt. The cut of time is 8pm EST and please make sure you track and use the tag ‘cbc challenge’ so it can be found easily and we can reblog it to the main. Any other tags you wish to use to find on your blog you may do so.

Any questions, feel free to ask us~