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Give me a break CBC.

It is an indisputable fact that Scientists have been muzzled by this government. It happened and continues to happen. Period:

What scientists being ‘muzzled’ looks like in the real world

Federal scientists muzzled by media policies, report suggests

International petition urges Harper to stop muzzling scientists

Ottawa must stop muzzling its scientists: union

Top 10 Quotes from Canada’s Muzzled Scientists

BBC News - Canadian government is ‘muzzling its scientists’

The New York Times - Silencing Scientists

“CBC News has investigated the unsolved cases of missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada over the last six decades. Here are the stories of about 230 women, including comments from more than 100 family members.”

“[Police] label every First Nations person that is missing or murdered [as having] a high-risk lifestyle or a high-risk profile…They keep blaming the victim for what has happened to them. They don’t blame society and what’s wrong with society… these things shouldn’t be happening to innocent people, no matter what type of lifestyle they live.” [x]

If passed, this act, piled on already stringent legal authority, will expand your national security bureaucracies and their jurisdictional disputes, further encourage dragnet snooping and roundups, fuel fear and suspicion among law-abiding Canadians, stifle free speech and civic action and drain billions of dollars from being used for the necessities of Canadian society. This is not hypothetical. Along with an already frayed social safety net, once the envy of the world, you almost got away with a $30 billion dollar purchase of unneeded costly F-35s (including maintenance) to bail out the failing budget-busting F-35 project in Washington.

You may think that Canadians will fall prey to a politics of fear before an election. But you may be misreading the extent to which Canadians will allow the attachment of their Maple Leaf to the aggressive talons of a hijacked American Eagle.


Ralph Nader mic-dropping on Stephen Harper in response to his proposed anti terror bill.

Considering that the opinion exchange rate for Harper’s policies runs 1 American comment as the rough equivalent of fifty Canadian ones, we might have Nader to thank if this doesn’t pass.

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He loved animals,“ she said. "You hear a lot of the time of [violent] people starting off by hurting animals and hurting people and everything like that, and that was never his style.” Back then, Gamble had no interest in guns and would challenge Gagnon’s boyfriend about why he went hunting with his family. “He hated that he wanted to go out and kill animals for sport,”
—  Maggie Gagnon, childhood friend of James Gamble (source).