Rust and Indigo For A Chinese Thread Book

Rust and Indigo For A Chinese Thread Book

Thanks to the delightful kindness of Kit Tyrrell, one of my blog readers in the UK, I have received two booklets by Ruth Smith about folded books that can contain many compartments. One such book is the Chinese Thread Book (AKA the Miao Dong thread-and-needle case) that I mentioned in my last post. Kit had found the booklets at a textile show in the UK and had made the needle case using soft…

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Michael Wilcox Eye Candy

Michael Wilcox Eye Candy

Michael Wilcox is a Canadian binder. He was born in Bristol, England in 1939. Michael began his training in 1955 as a forwarder at Edward Everard in Bristol. Then he moved to Toronto in 1962 with a five-year contract in the restoration department at the University of Toronto. During that time, he began to refine his skills and explore the freedom of designing his own bindings. He has never…

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Be there: Toronto Bookbinding Talk Tuesday, 7:30pm

Ryerson University, in conjunction with CBBAG, is hosting an evening talk with Peter and Donna Thomas (bookbinders and artists) on the subject of miniature bound books. The title of the talk is:

The ascent of the Artist’s Book in the Age of the E-Reader

The talk will take place 7:30pm on Tuesday October 16, 2012 at Ryerson University Board Room (125 Bond Street). Admission is free.

From the event description Peter says: 

“In the talk I address such questions as:  What is a book? What is an artists’ book? What are the aesthetic attributes of an artists’ book? What is the history of the artists’ book? Where does one find one? How does one look at a book as a work of art? What is the difference between making a book to publish information or text and making a book as a work of art. I will talk from the context of our own work, using books we have made as examples. Each talk includes the performance of a song or two on my ukulele book. An example can be seen on Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygN-VMCSr0A

Here is a link to Peter and Donna's website. They make incredible book works and artists’ books. They even have a section of writings about bookbinding and book arts.

Surely an event not to be missed!

A last quote from Peter Thomas that rings true for me. On being a book artist he says:

“Being a book artist is more than just making books; it’s living and breathing them. It’s about becoming so involved with the subject matter that the physical attributes of the book reveal themselves. It’s about listening to the materials invoke the proper text. It’s about loving those materials and knowing them so well that we feel their desire to be used in the book we are making. We didn’t begin our artistic careers planning to be artists of the book. It was more a case of being called, inspired with the desire to make a Good Book: one that, through the materials, in the text, and by the visual and tactile impact, will move the viewer from the everyday to a new place, a place that stirs the soul.”