Trash talking inside the house

I’m always baffled by the language inside the bb house, especially in celebrity bb U.K.
Seems like every season someone says the n-word, or some homophobic shit. Like… every year.
Don’t get me wrong, insults can be fun. But make fun of something people can change, but choose not to. Like that Raven should find a foundation that actually matches her face. Or that Frankie STILL rides Ariana’s tail for attention. Or that Paul and Paulie can take it from men like Cody (bb19) and Frank, but not from Natalie, Michelle, Day, Dom or any of the other women in the house. Or Paul calling mixed women “mutt/s” (don’t know what it means, but they already have a name: women. Use it, dude.)
That’s my rant ☕️