Danganronpa 3 Cafe Drinks Menu translation

The site is annoying - the names + descriptions are above the drinks not under them, so I apologise if I muddled any up.

Both sides

Monokuma - Grape syrup, ‘Blue Hawaiian Syrup’, yogurt, soda, cranberry, white + black straws

Monomi - Strawberry syrup, milk + whipped cream

Despair Side

Chisa Yukizome - ‘Blue Hawaiian Syrup’, yogurt, whipped cream + edible silver sugar balls

Akane Owari - Iced Cocoa + chocolate ice cream (i guess that’s the lil ball things)

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu -  Black sesame seed sauce, condensed milk + whipped cream

Mahiru Koizumi - Strawberry syrup, grenadine, ginger ale, whipped cream + cherries

Nagito Komaeda - Green appleade, lemon squash, cotton candy + black straw

Hiyoko Saionji - Mango sauce, yogurt + sugar flower

Kazuichi Souda - ‘Blue Hawaiian syrup’, yogurt, grapefruit juice, whipped cream + raspberry sauce

Gundham Tanaka - Blueberry juice, yogurt, whipped cream + scarf ribbon

Mikan Tsumiki - Peach syrup, Calpis + sugar heart

Chiaki Nanami - Strawberry syrup, condensed milk,  strawberry milk ice cream + almond slice

Nekomaru Nidai - Cocoa protein, milk + blue sugar

Sonia Nevermind - Iced royal milk tea , whipped cream + clover charm

Teruteru Hanamura - Mango sauce, iced tea + tie charm

Peko Pekoyama - Raspberry sauce, yogurt, soda + white straw

Ibuki Mioda - Black honey syrup, milk, iced coffee + guitar charm

Ryota Mitarai - Melonade, soda, vanilla ice cream + straw

Hajime Hinata - Cola + lemon squash

Mukuro Ikusaba - Black honey syrup, matcha milk, whipped cream + chocolate chips

Special Drinks

Junko Enoshima - Strawberry sauce, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, black straw with red ribbon

Izuru Kamukura - Cola, blueberry juice + mixed berry (Bottom has an image of a red eye)


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