Goldfish and Koi Bowls
These shallow bowls (1.75 in. high x 7.5 in. diameter) were inspired by a drawing by LeonardGirl. Her image was a pair of koi most similar to the bowl on the bottom. After finishing that bowl, I thought I would use a similar graphic style for a single goldfish. I love the way the fish look when viewed from above, each bowl a window to the imaginary pond below.

Sandhill Crane Nest Bowl
March is typically the month of the massive sandhill crane migration from Mexico to the Arctic zones of Alaska and Russia. Along the way, they stop at the Platte River in Nebraska to rest and eat. While I have not seen the cranes gather there myself, I have heard it is quite a spectacular experience. This bowl (2.25 in. high x 7.5 in. diameter) was inspired by one of many crane photographs taken by Gerrit Vyn and published in a book titled The Living Bird. What a great way to welcome spring– beautiful bird in book and bowl. (Try saying that five times fast.)

Flounder Fishing Bowl
Like the previous post, this bowl (2.25 in. high x 6.5 in. diameter) contains elements of an old story. This one is is based on a tale called ‘The Fisherman and His Wife’ by the Brothers Grimm, with later adaptations by Pushkin, Woolf, and others. A short summary of the original story is that a poor fisherman catches a flounder claiming to be an enchanted prince and the fisherman releases the fish back into the water. Later the fisherman tells his wife the story and she suggests he go and ask the flounder for her wish of a nice house. The fish grants the wish, and the wife’s demands for wealth and power escalate. The flounder grants each of the wishes, but notes that all of the wishes have been for his wife. Does the fisherman have any wishes for himself? The fisherman says he just wants his wife to be happy. The flounder returns the couple to their original hovel by the sea and they live happily ever after. Be thoughtful about your wishes, they may come true!

Fox and Crow Fable Bowl
This bowl (4in. high x 7 in. diameter) illustrates the Aesop’s fable of the fox and the crow. Although there are many variations on the story, the jist of the tale goes like this… A crow finds a piece of cheese and retires to a tree branch to dine. The fox notices the crow and the cheese. Thinking it would be a tasty snack himself, the fox tells the crow he has a beautiful voice. At hearing this unusual compliment, the crow opens his mouth to sing a few notes, and the cheese falls. The fox snatches it up and steals away to eat it himself.

Spot On Bowls
I have found that often a shallow bowl is much easier to use than a plate when it comes to salads, pasta, and many other meals. As a result, I made this set of eight bowls (each 2 in. high x 7.25 in. diameter) for myself. I did not want to repeat the same design over and over, so I made each one different using a dot motif. Now that they are in my home, I use them every day.

Spring Blossoms Yarn Bowl
All kinds of fun crochet or knitting projects planned for warmer temperatures? If you are looking for a yarn bowl that will highlight the pretty colors you are using for your next project, this bowl may be just the ticket. I used the natural form of the branch to make the yarn catch. No more balls of yarn on the floor, and a pretty bowl to boot!

Bugs in Daisy Bowls
This set of four bowls each contains a different surprise at the bottom of the bowl. Imagine Grandma’s face when she finds a butterfly (or a spider) in the bottom of her oatmeal! Each of the creatures– wasp spider, dragonfly, bumble bee, and butterfly are waiting patiently at the bottom of this innocent flower design for you to finish your meal before they make an appearance. Perfect for gardeners, 5 year old boys, and everyone in between.

Falling Leaves Vase
Nearly all of the autumn leaves have fallen, but this small vase (4.25 in. high x 4.5 in. diameter) will keep them coming all year. Each specimen is unique, inspired by textiles and natural patterns I noticed while leaf peeping this year. The inside of the vase is glazed in a bright cobalt blue that reminds me of the bluest of blue skies. May your skies be bright and the world around you a delight! (Did I just say that?)


Folded Paper Bowls
These small bowls (left: 2.25 in. high x 5 in. diameter, right: 2.75 in. high x 4.75 in. diameter) are decorated with two very different folded paper motifs. The bowl on the left is covered in flying paper airplanes, perfect for a child in your life or the child that still resides inside of you. It might also make a great Father’s Day gift.

The bowl on the right features origami cranes of various sizes. Cranes symbolize longevity and good fortune. It is thought that if you fold 1000 paper cranes, your wish will come true, so cranes are also associated with hope and healing. Who couldn’t benefit from that kind of positive vibe?

Both of these bowls, and many more will be available at the BEACON HILL ART WALK this Sunday, June 1, from 12-6 in Boston, Massachusetts. Stop by to say hello and possibly take home a treasure from one of the many participating artists.

Layered Paths Bowl
So many paths to follow, so little time. The design of this single serving or dip bowl (4.5 in. diameter x 2.5 in. high) was originally inspired by a lacy spring dress. The lace was all white, but I thought a variation on the pattern would look more dynamic using color. I carved the turquoise blue using my usual sgraffito method. Afterwards, I carved additional paths in the white clay and painted them cobalt blue to create an additional layer in the design. Now the bowl reminds me of water ripples reflecting on the bottom of a swimming pool.