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i only just realised that i have 300+ followers and figured it’d be good to say thank you

so thank you!

here, have some free hand drawings that i did of some infamous criminals. i did it in a rough sketch technique in order to represent their abnormal, ill minds and bizarre personalities.

I want to see you more

Well @just-servamp-trash it is done.

Over 3,000 words later and it being 3:45am here I’ve finally finished your story

I hope its okay now ahhhh

Since you are the angst queen its both angst and fluff so I hope you enjoy muahaha~ the ending is fluffy though I promise

Enjoy your own little slice of Kuro ;) 

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Drag Queens React to Straight Porn: Alyssa Edwards, Alaska, Raven, Raja, Delta Work, Pandora & More!


I love New York. There’s no where on earth quite like it. There’s no place so alive with endless worlds of possibility. Every time you step outside, you find yourself on an adventure you never could have predicted. Sure, you might get hit by a bus or stop for perogies and end up being human trafficked by a Russian mob, but you just might also find love.

My top 20 bands/artists...

All but 1, 2 and 3 are in no particular order, they’re listed just as I think of them.

1. Nirvana

2. Hole

3. Smashing Pumpkins

4. David Bowie

5. Fleetwood Mac

6. Velvet Underground

7. Bob Dylan

8. Babes in Toyland

9. Foo Fighters

10. Blondie

11. Sex Pistols

12. Alice in Chains

13. The Distillers

14. Led Zeppelin

15. Nine Inch Nails

16. The Beatles

17. Pearl Jam

18. Lady Gaga

19. The Doors

20. Pink Floyd