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So I decided to gather all the ‘hobby’ dialogue from the Darkest Dungeon files. It seems to be an unused string of camping dialogue, but offers some interesting insight into the characters. I’ve just put them in the order they appear in:

Bounty Hunter

  • “A little time to reflect on my strategies.”
  • “Hold this apple on your head. Now stand still.”
  • “I will practice. Train. A professional adheres to a regimen.”


  • “Shhh! I am praying!”
  • “Go away! I am reading my Versebook!”
  • “No, I’ll not play dice with you! I am studying the Verses!”

Grave Robber

  • “You – idle one! Hold my yarn!”
  • “Yes, I carve tiny tombstones. Mementos of my exploits.”
  • “These stab holes will simply not do! Where’s my needle and thread?”


  • “Bet none of you can throw a knife as well as I. Eh?”
  • “Wrestle me. I crave an easy victory. (grin)”
  • “I am learning to read. It is a rare skill among my kind.”


  • “… with the night for his throne?” Hmm… tricky.“
  • ”… and he always came home?“ … No, no…”
  • “… like a dog to a bone?” … Still not right!“


  • "It’s called juggling. You never been to a circus?”
  • “What do I do for fun? You’re joking, right?”
  • “I’m practicing my sneering. Pretty good, huh?”


  • “Here we sit, the calm in the eye of the storm.”
  • “I must be cautious when stretching my ligaments, lest they tear, of course.”
  • “Pass this pipe around. The smoke dulls the senses.”


  • “Why, I am documenting the journey, of course. Care to read?”
  • “Some quiet, please. I am on the verge of breaking the cypher.”
  • “Sigh… it is too dark to study my rituals here.”

Plague Doctor

  • “Some bark of aspen? Or maybe boiled cerato leaf? Hmm…”
  • “Hold that wound still. My sketch is nearly done.”
  • “May I lance that boil? The pus is intriguingly gray!”


  • “Busy yourself elsewhere. I am praying for your soul.”
  • “Yes, I shave my legs. What of it?”
  • “Have you thread? I’ve torn a seam in my temple garments.”


  • “Leave me to reflect on the day’s battles.”
  • “How did that one blow slip past my guard..? I must think…”
  • “I learned to carve during the lulls of the Cyprian campaign.”


  • “Put this apple on your head and close your eyes.”
  • “I will stick with you until wanderlust strikes again.”
  • “Dice? What’s the wager?”


  • “…and that’s when I learned the hound could sing!”
  • “Cooking meat robs it of its nutrifying essence.”
  • “It is certain that anyone in politics has been corrupted in some fashion or another.”


  • “I only ever had time for my crucible and scrolls.”
  • “Oh I’ve loved before, but all were forgotten in the laboratory.”
  • “Care to see my drawings for a mechanical hand?”


  • “My father can reload a musket as quick as a wink!”
  • “When we return, I am certain the club will initiate me”
  • “Whoever smells like that should die of shame and disgrace”

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Hey I just found your comments about the decline of ragehappy and domination of Fake AH Crew AU's. I've been trying to break in and my only real success has been my one GTA story. There were two I put literal days into writing and people just didn't even give a shit. It's super disheartening because I feel like the only way to do well outside of Fake AH is to be already well known - but you can't do that without compromising what you want to write anymore...

Hey anon, yeah it does really suck that fake AH Crew fics get more attention than others. But , to be fair , the ragehappy side of the fandom has severely declined in general. I remember like last year, I could post a fic and get 20 comments in a day, Fake AH Crew or otherwise! Now I’m lucky to get a few. Interest has just severely declined and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will pick up again soon but , i don’t know. Maybe a lot of us have just grown out of AH. Even I find myself watching and keeping up with the content less and less these days.

But if you wanna link me to your fic I’d happily read it / show some love !!!! :)


Matlabi; Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra

Kabir jumps out of his seat, “let’s do this!”

“Tu pagal ho gaya?” Amit reprimands. “Every man in my family, for the last 3 generations, has been an IPS officer, papa will disown me if I even think about anything else.”

“And mamma has already started showing me pictures of guys,” Veera sighs, before continuing, “as soon as college is over, meri doli utthegi.”

“Please,” Kabir scoffs, “who would want to marry you? One of us will end up marrying you, woh bhi taras kha ke!” He fist bumps Amit, who’s already laughing.

She glares at them both. “First of all, in you dreams; secondly, go to hell.”

“Okay, chalo, whatever,” says Kabir, “I don’t know about you two, but I don’t want to spend my life dreaming, I want to make them a reality. So, what do you say?” 

He looks at them, expectantly, whilst Amit and Veera share a look of uncertainty. Kabir knows they’ll come around, though, they always do.


Drag Queens React to Straight Porn: Alyssa Edwards, Alaska, Raven, Raja, Delta Work, Pandora & More!


the good wife + zodiac signs

an introduction to my blog!

hello dears! if you are reading this i would like to thank you for either following or just taking a moment to view my blog. so this is a multi-fandom blog including major fandoms like supernatural and harry potter but also less popular like the sidemen and the dunkirk cast. it also includes teen wolf and the maze runner, and anything else listed in the description! i take imagine and aesthetic requests for all of them and i also do ships where you send a little about yourself and stuff then i ship you with a character fro your chosen fandom based off this! my asks are always open, feel free to request at anytime loves!


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