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Anon requested: Can you do prompt 18 and include the BAU ladies please?

dear anon, you didn’t clarify who with so I did Reid, but if you want Morgan instead just request it!! also, i’m not going in order with requests, i’m just writing them when and how i see fit. Enjoy!!! lmk what you think of this one shot. i feel like it’s not my best work ):

Prompt 18: “I think I might be pregnant.”

You woke up quite unpleasantly. You felt queasy, and had been throwing up a lot for the past few days. You didn’t want to assume anything, but you definitely had a feeling that this was more than an upset stomach. Your genius boyfriend would probably know what it was if you told him your symptoms.

Dr. Spencer Reid was yours for almost a year, but you’d known him for a long time before that since you worked together. There was always something there. It was an underlying love that you were both too stupid to admit to until Morgan just kind of blurted out, “He’s in love with you dammit and you love him too, I know you do.” Thanks to him, you were happily with Spencer. 

You slowly got ready to go to the BAU. One thing that was good about working today though was seeing JJ, Penelope, and Emily, who you could confide in about your concerns. You always wanted to see Spencer but today was an exception. You didn’t know if you could face him knowing that you may be carrying his baby and he has no idea.

After arriving at the BAU, you got off the elevator and immediately walked over to Prentiss, who could read your expression like a book. “What’s wrong?” she asked, touching your arm comfortingly. You shook your head and sighed. “I’ll tell you in a minute, but with JJ and Garcia.”

Spencer approached you, smiling gently. “Hey, are you alright?” he asked. 

“Yes,” you breathed out, trying to look like you actually were. He furrowed his eyebrows but kissed your cheek and walked back over to his desk.

“Okay, seriously, what’s going on?” Emily asked. She pulled you over to where JJ was standing with Penelope, who both looked up at you when they heard you coming. “What’s wrong?” they both asked. You sighed, “Nothing’s wrong, I just need to talk to you guys, can we go to your office, JJ?” 

She nodded. You all quietly walked over, the male agents looking confused at you. Morgan gave you a questioning look but you shook your head and entered JJ’s office, shutting the door behind you.

Before the girls could interrogate you, you blurted it out. “I think I might be pregnant.”

Penelope’s eyes widened. They resembled saucers. “Are you serious? Little Reids running around? Oh my god, I love this!” She hugged you tightly, jumping up and down a little.

“Wait, you think? Y/N, you need to take a test and be sure.” Emily told you. She smiled though at the thought of you and Reid and a child, a whole family. JJ asked you why you thought so, and you told her about the morning sickness, and the other things that gave you a gut feeling there was something different. It was so early, but you’d missed your period as well and that was unusual. JJ laughed, “I think you are too. I wish you could take a test right now, I want to know!” She seemed excited. 

The truth was that you were excited too, but you were so afraid that you wouldn’t be ready to have a child. However, Spencer would be amazing and you found immense comfort in that. But for the rest of the day you avoided him, fearing that he’d profile you and figure it out before you had the chance to take a test, be sure, and tell him yourself.

You went back home that night after stopping at the convenience store to buy the test. Straight to the bathroom you went, then took it and waited for the result. 

Here it was. The moment of truth. 

You turned the test over to look at it. Two lines. 

You were pregnant with Spencer’s child.

You were about to call Spencer and ask him to come over when there was a knock on your door. You hid the tests in your drawer. “Who is it?” you called out, hoping they’d just go away. 

“It’s me, baby,” Spencer let himself in. He walked to the bathroom from the living room, opening his arms for a hug. It’d been a long day.

You cuddled into him. “I have something to tell you.”

He pulled away suddenly. “Are you going to break up with me? Because you were avoiding me all day and then you went into JJ’s office with JJ and Prentiss and Garcia and you all had some weird girl meeting or something and–”

“Spence.” You cut him off. 

“What?” he breathed, looking down at you with wide eyes. You didn’t say anything, but opened the drawer and took three positive tests out.

He smiled immediately when he saw them, picking you up and spinning around. “Oh my god! So this is why you acted so weird! You’re pregnant?” 

“We’re pregnant!” you exclaimed, practically squealing with excitement.

Spencer felt light and happy. He leaned down to kiss your stomach. “Hi, baby.” 

Then, he came back up to kiss you. “You’re going to be an amazing mom.”

You smiled brightly. It was one of those things that you didn’t know you needed to hear until you heard it. He sounded so sure of it. He seemed like he really meant it, and if he thought you could do it, then so did you. Him, your team, and your baby were all you’d ever need.



Mac in women’s sunglasses  👌😆 He actually pulled them off well 😂

MacGyver 1x17 “Ruler”

bbunderson  asked:

In that sneek peek 3 do u think to Tim broke up with Paige

Based on the context of what she was saying and how she’s reacting, I have a few theories of what it could be. 

Most logical assumption: Tim is breaking up with Paige. 

Possible Reasons: 

1. He’s cheated on her and decides to break things off because he doesn’t want to be tied down when / if he returns to LA. 

2. He doesn’t like Paige hanging out with Walter and bailing on their Skype dates (because heaven forbid he ever lets her do her goddamn job for once) because he doesn’t trust Walter’s intentions. Or, because he doesn’t trust Paige. 

3. His job assignment has extended, and he might be bored with a distant relationship. 

4. He just doesn’t think about her in that way anymore. 

Possible but less logical assumption: Perhaps they had planned for him to visit LA, but when it came down to it, he wasn’t able to fulfill his promise because of work? And maybe Paige is tired of being 2nd choice so - annoyed with him - she decides to end the call quickly and go about her day. 

Least likely assumption: Tim calls because he’s been offered a permanent job down there and asked Paige if she and Ralph would be willing to move to Amman to be with him, but because she doesn’t want to uproot her son from Scorpion, she declines, and he doesn’t like her answer so he gives her an ultimatum, and she ends up choosing LA, thus terminating her relationship with him. 

Consent vs Coercion Round 2

Well, this is the book of big decisions, as the tarot card suggested and Cassie makes a big one in this chapter. I think the key thing though, is that it was her decision. On the surface, Cassie’s position in CbS with Tomas and in TtD with Mircea are much the same - she needs to have sex if she’s to become Pythia, and becoming Pythia is the best way for her to survive and take control of her life. But compare these two moments: 

Here’s TtD

“And if I say no?” Mircea was suddenly very still. The room shimmered with barely controlled power, the way heat waves do over desert sand. “You wouldn’t force me?”

Mircea swallowed and looked very intensely at the rug for a full minute. When he finally looked up, his eyes had returned to their usual rich brown. “Let there be total honesty between us, dulceaţă. I could invade your mind, use tricks to overcome your reason, and force you to give yourself to me as I know you wish to do. But if I did this, you would never trust me again. I know you too well; I know how you view disloyalty. It is the one thing you cannot forgive, and I do not want you to see me as an enemy.”

“Then I can leave?” I knew the answer but needed him to explain my options.

“You know better than that.” Mircea sighed and his face suddenly looked tired. “If we do not do this, the Consul will simply appoint another.”

And here’s CbS

“He had a point. And, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I still had feelings for him—or, to be more precise, for the person I’d thought he was. I really doubted that someone old enough to remember the fall of the Incan Empire bore much resemblance to the sweet street kid I’d known. I didn’t know the real Tomas, who he was when the Senate wasn’t pulling his strings. But they weren’t here now. For once, both of us were free of them, even if it was only because we were prisoners elsewhere. And despite that, he still seemed to want me.

“The choice is yours, Cassie. You know how I feel.”

The thing is, while Cassie probably wouldn’t have had sex with Tomas if it wasn’t for the external pressures she was under, the decision she ultimately makes to have sex with him is her own. She has the option to say no here - it would have worked out badly for her if she did, and she knows that, which is part of why she ultimately said yes, but the choice is hers. It’s not “have sex with Tomas or have sex with someone else.” It’s “have sex with Tomas or don’t.” Yes or no. The choice is hers and I suppose this is the big decision that was prophesied by The Lovers - the choice whether she is to become Pythia or not. She chooses to do it, which, as it turns out was probably the best option. But it wasn’t her only option. 

Hear me out: Big Bang Theory vs. Team Scorpion. They all start out fighting (trying to be the smartest) except Penny and Paige who just go out for coffee and talk abt the crazy stuff their geniuses do and talk abt being the only non genius. Then Sheldon and Walter finally h a v e to work together and Howard and Happy share tips on engineering and Toby gets a little unsettled w Howard’s body language and its hilarious