As someone who actually trains to fight it always bothers me how quickly YA authors think it takes to become anyway decent at fighting

standard seems to be like a week in novel time but those skills take ages to build up & the reaction times would be awful + you’d have no proper reflexes 

so please if you’re writing YA please give characters a months training (minimum) before they’re out beating experienced fighters 

wyliedeservesbetter  asked:

what are some ya books with a teen sapphic main character? any genre, preferably fantasy or mystery. I've already read Otherbound, not your sidekick, and all the Malinda Lo books.

For sure! Here are some of my favourites:

The starred ones are fantasy. I haven’t read any mystery YA, unfortunately! 

Also check out: 


A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue lived up to its expectation (for me). I really enjoyed reading this. Reading about British high society and their struggle to find happiness among all the wealth and social climbing gets a little tiring. This was an exception as it talked about all those usual boring stuff from a different perspective. The three main characters were very well written- each representing diverse backgrounds and personalities which will always be invisible in the classic novels. I love how at the end the author explained her take on European politics, social status, race, queer culture, women’s position and surprisingly- medicine.

If you like history, traveling and adventure- you might like this novel ✨

Also: a canon m|m ship + strong female character  ❤