Getting Along

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Request: Could you do a Jensen x Reader where the Reader puts an ad for a new roommate. Jensen calls and the Reader accepts, but later regrets it because all they do is bicker and fight over mundane things so she tries to annoy him so he can move out?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,700ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Life tip, don’t be an ass to your roommate if you ever have one. Talk stuff out like adults…

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Six of crows musical au

  • Kaz sings all the best cheesy love songs except he immediately stops when Inej shows up.
  • “Everytime we touch, I feel the magic as in I’m touch repulsed and I never wanna do it again.” - Kaz
  • Kaz and Inej have one of those duet scenes where they don’t see each other but still sing the same song about how much they love the other one and how much the other one doesn’t love them back.
  • At some point Jesper is probably on stage in full drag, impersonating Inej and forcing Wylan to dress up as Kaz. They sing a love song parody that gradually turns into a real love song as they realize they, too, love each other.
  • Jesper and Wylan sing a duet. Kuwei reluctantly plays piano in the background.
  • Kuwei has a K-pop number. Wylan interrupts it with a classical flute piece.
  • Nina can’t sing for shit. She does it anyways.
  • “Let’s get down to business / to defeat Fjerdans” - Nina
  • Matthias keeps singing Fjerda’s national hymn. Nina is not impressed. 
Femalien (Shalaska) – Rosie

A/N: I hoped to get this up around Halloween time, but mid/late November is just as good, right? I’ve always wanted to write something based around Sharon and Alaska’s actual drag characters, so please enjoy this super smutty, super long one shot about a witch and an alien (seriously, it’s 13.5k. Grab a snack). Title has no relation to the 90’s porno.

Summary: Space queen alien Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtr0n crash lands into Sharon’s world, turning the witch’s life upside down. Injured and without a flight home, Sharon takes the gleaming alien in. But sparks fly, and as Sharon’s brain thinks of spells to help Alaska return to her home of outer space, her heart is feeling something different. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi I’m trying to find a fic, It’s a Soulmate au and the first words were “I can’t believe Dumbledore died.” Thank you in advance!!

Dumbledore’s Fault

Based off of this post on Tumblr.

The very first words your soulmate ever says to you are tattooed somewhere on your body since the day you are born and no one could really understand why Dan got stuck with ‘Man I can’t believe Dumbledore died’. For years he worried about the fate of whoever Dumbledore is, until he actually started reading the Harry Potter books. After that, all he wanted was to actually meet his soulmate so he could give him a piece of his mind over having ruined his favourite franchise.

- Tori


Jimin plays Peter Pan at Disney World. He has friends, a job he loves, and a free trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth every day. He thinks love will never happen for him, but accepts it because he refuses to acknowledge a single negative thought. Then a new Aladdin, named Jungkook, is hired. Why is Jungkook so quiet and grumpy all the time? Is his true calling a Dwarf? Or is there a reason for his disposition?

Poor Jimin. Poor Jungkook…he loves him already

Will/Hannibal: An Inky Dark

Title: An Inky Dark (1/?)

Authors: @destinyawakened @mrs-graham-lecter

Rating: M

Chapters: One |

Characters: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

For: @reapersun though we know someone else already wrote a thing for your art, we were inspired, so, here you go. Art can be found here.

Summary: Looking for inspiration for a tattoo a client wants, tattoo artist Will Graham has a run with a doctor/art collector who wants nothing more than to prod at his darkness and lure out his demons.

“Behold a great red dragon,” he said, his accent thick and dripping like overturned honey. “It is beautiful is it not?”

The brunet turned enough to see over his shoulder and pocketed his phone before anyone knew what he had done. “It is. I’ve seen it many times online. I wanted a better view for myself.”

“His work is not for everyone,” the man said, pressing down on his tie. He was there to buy a new piece, being a collector of such and smiled faintly, offering his hand. “Doctor Hannibal Lecter.”

“Will,” the younger of the men said, shaking Hannibal’s hand, the shift of his arm catching the light on one of his many tattoos that was shown, hooves of something further up his arm.

“A pleasure, Will,” Hannibal said, looking at the various tattoos on Will’s arm. He shook and let go of his hand, placing his own back into the pockets of his fine three piece vested suit. “One might think you are here for inspiration for your own personal canvas.”

“No,” Will said with a shake of his head, hands in his own pockets now, not to draw too much attention to himself. “A client.”


[Please do not tag as me/kin/ID!] So I decided to make my own series of humanized characters from Cookie Run! I’ve based everyone’s ethnicities and races off of where their namesake ingredient is native to/was invented. Brave Cookie is German, because gingerbread originates from Germany. Bright Cookie is English, because light bulbs were invented by Thomas Edison, and Edison is an English surname. Boarder Cookie should be white, but because at the time I was drawing this I couldn’t find the definitive inventor of the skateboard, he has a more tan skin tone. (For those of you who are curious- skateboards come from California) Last but not least, Strawberry Cookie is Chilean, because although Strawberries are reportedly French, the fruit they were modified from is the Chilean Fragaria Chiloensis. She has a niqab more because my friends voted for hijab rather than hoodie.

This is just an idea for a TAZ/ATLA AU. As of now, I have no outline and no idea where this should go, I also don’t know when I get to properly write it, since it’s definitely going to be longer (maybe after I’ve finished a song at the top of your tongue, we’ll see).

So, here it is (this isn’t proof read, since I’m going over it again once I properly write this fic):

“They will separate us.”

It was the first thing being said between them within an hour. It wasn’t unnatural for them to just sit next to each other in silence. They never needed words to begin with, and Taako didn’t think they ever would. Sometimes it felt like they were two parts of one, bigger being. He liked that thought.

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