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Prompt: red string of fate au where only 20%-30% of the popilation can see the strings tied on people fingers. Victor and Yuuri are soulmates, but neither of them know because they can't see the strings. Yurio can...

- Yuri knew immediately that neither of the two could see their string as soon as he saw the two together
- Yuuri was so respectful of Viktor and Viktor just let it happen
- But it was obvious they were destined to be, even without their string
- Yuri knew he was going to lose to Yuuri at onsen on ice from the begging but it still hurt to know the work he put in to skating was outmatched by destiny
- I could also see Yuri being constantly pissed off by the red string just following him around everywhere
- Like, he can’t physically touch it but he nearly tripped a few times even before they went to Japan cause Viktor is always around him and the damn string flies everywhere
- Yuri knew that whoever was on the other end of Viktor’s string was going to be just as annoying as the man himself, he was right

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If you read any fanfic, you reckon you know any good credence and graves fics ?

i laughed aloud when reading the line “if you read any fanfic” because when i’m old and gray and recall what has happened during my life i’ll probably realize i spent at least ¼ of it reading fanfic of all kinds my point is YES I CAN HELP YOU 

Shooting Stars & Silver Moons by writingramblr. A coffee shop AU, Credence is the barista, Graves happens to want coffee, it’s cute af, it’s a coffee shop AU if you need some fluff at the end of the day. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

such as is common to man by  imochan. Credence goes to London with Newt, and finds the real Graves here. He is nothing like Grindelwald. I really loved the way Graves was portrayed there. Angsty fic, perfect fic. Also Graves teaches Credence magic, and it’s incredible and very well written. SMUTTY. COMPLETE. 

What Shines Through by l_cloudy. a fUCIKING SUGAR DADDY AU TAKING PLACE DURING CANON IM !!! i read the first chapter yesterday and words cannot express how much i fucking love it im just. siGN ME THE FUCK UP. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Where Does the Good Go?  by Midnight_Musings. Graves cares for Credence fter the incident between Tina and Mary Lou Barebone. Then Grindelwald enters and fucks it all up. 10/10 would recommend. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

I still remember your soul of beauty,  by JuliaBaggins. Grindelwald taunts the real Graves by talking to him about Credence. Sad and powerful. COMPLETE. 

Angel On His Shoulder  by writingramblr. *bangs fists on table* A !!! FUCKING !!! PRIEST !!! AU !!!! WITH CREDENCE AS THE PRIEST !!!! NEED I SAY MORE??? I DONT THINK SO !!!!! this is hitting all of my sweet spots, i’m a sucker for this kind of shit, pls do yourself a favor and read it. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Eternity In A Heartbeat  by writingramblr. Werewolf! Credence and Vampire!Graves. The later mistakes Credence for a human and his dinner but gets more out of this encounter than he thought. Honestly. Just. Vampire Graves. VAMPIRE GRAVES. SMUT. COMPLETE.

his hands so cold they shake by plinys. Soulmate AU in which each time your partner is hurt, you feel the pain yourself. Graves is not okay, and neither is Credence. Strongly recommend it. COMPLETE. 

The Lord’s Work by betts. Modern AU. Credence is a Jehovah Witness, Graves is a cop, and I very much enjoy Sinning. It is Very Good™. SMUTTY AND COMPLETE. 

Okay, I’ll stop for now, and i hope you’ll find some of these to your liking !! I’ve been stalking the Fantastic Beasts tag on A03 since I saw the movie, and i’ve read a lot more than that, so if you need any other recommendations, maybe for other ships, let me know. Enjoy, love !!  ❤️ ❤️

“He was an infamous thief, wanted across the galaxy. She was an up-and-coming officer in the Federation, fiercely loyal to her home planet. They shouldn’t work together in any sense and yet somehow, they do. “

This is a fanart for one of my favourite fanfictions called  Faster Than Light by  snickermoon814

I really love it. You should definetly give it a try :)

Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia © Mashima Hiro

art © me

story/ AU © snickermoon814


This one took ages to get done. I never spent so much time on a backround. So I’m even happier that I actually like it. The colours on Natsu and Lucy and the room where a little problem though

I also accidentally changed the settings of my favourite brush and I couldn’t remember the former ones D:


Summary: He’s murmuring words into Dan’s ear, you’re incredible, you did amazing, I’m so proud of you but all Dan hears is I love you.

or Dan and Phil are Yuri and Viktor but with some twists

Warnings: un-betaed, slight smut

Genre: fluff overload with a healthy dose of smut and angst

Word count: 5k

Extra tags: yuri!!! on ice au, figure skating

A/N: IF YURI ON ICE HAS RUINED YOUR LIFE RAISE YOUR HAND!! okay so, quick disclaimer, this is a fic about figure skaters and not about figure skating per se, so please don’t expect me to be an expert on the sport or anything, just saying!! also holy shit, the fluff in this is way too much, i’m kinda disgusted at how fluffy it is omg

Undertale Hamilton AU

Don’t quote me on this too much, but as I was listening to “Meet Me Inside” (for the 30th time) I thought about who would be who in that setting and this is what I have so far.

Chara - Alexander Hamilton

Sans - Aaron Burr

Papyrus - John Laurens

Random Human - General Lee

Asgore - General Washington

I may try to develop this more later on, but meh.

P.S. I also did this because hearing the argument between Asgore and Chara would fit too well.

Asgore: “Son…”

Chara: “Don’t call me ‘son.’“