sasusaku | “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU

It’s cute that Ino thinks damage control is possible. But Sakura knows that this is the actual, real life end of the world and that there will be no recovering from this life-ruining disaster. In the spirit of this, she has collapsed into a melodramatic heap onto the purple shag rug and stares at the ceiling in existential crisis.

“What am I gonna dooo?” she moans.

Occupied by a mirror, Ino rolls her eyes. She’s halfway through applying her new Silver Shimmer eyeshadow and has no time for Sakura’s histrionics. “Girl, please. Sasuke gets nudes all the time, probably even deletes them without looking. Lord knows he never reads texts anyway.”

“He reads my texts!” Sakura wails, inconsolable.

The blonde whirls around, silver glitter flying everywhere as she assumes the hands-on-hips position of exasperated best friend. For someone so devastatingly smart and clever, Sakura can be awfully obtuse.

“That, Forehead Girl, is exactly my point.” A smug smile curls the corners of her lips. “You’re probably the one girl he wants to get nudes from. This is like early Christmas for him. And why would you take those pictures anyway if you weren’t planning on sending them, hmmm?”

Sakura’s mouth opens and closes, reminiscent of a fish out of water as her face turns a spectacular shade of red. “I didn’t–that’s not…none of your business, pig!”

But Ino just laughs, turning back to the mirror. “Better get it together, girlfriend, our study group meets in an hour and you look like a hot mess.”

Queasiness flashes across Sakura’s face. She’ll have to see Sasuke face-to-face, if he even shows up after the trauma of seeing her naked. What is she even supposed to say to him? ‘Hi yes, we study together four days a week but can you please forget that you saw me bent over in this new thong that I swear Ino made me buy and I don’t actually–’

Her frenzied imagination is interrupted by a loud buzz. Thoroughly disgruntled, Sakura hastily grabs her phone, ready to unleash the wrath of an anxiety-ridden co-ed on whoever dares interrupt her mental doomsday prepping. The text icon blinks on her screen, and she’s about to swipe it open when she freezes in terror.

It’s from Sasuke.

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So, I had this dream last night about Dan and Phil// I’m not even joking.
D&P stoped making videos after Pinof2 and they quit youtube, and in the present Dan was a lawyer and Phil a weatherman, but they were still a couple.
One day before talking about the weather Phil started talking about Pokemon Go because the presenters were talking about it before that so he joined like you know, weatherman do sometimes idk (you know what I mean), and people on the internet were like ‘what a good looking nerd rambling about Pokemon Go, he’s so cute’ and it went viral.
People started stalking him and found his twitter, which was basically like it is now but with less youtube videos and more about being in a relationship with Dan. And people started shipping it and started being called a power couple and they had their own (little) fandom :’) and it was very cute and warm and pure.
And I remember that Dan’s twitter was all geek stuff and his description was something like ‘if you are one of my clients,,, i’m so sorry,,,’

Can someone please write an AU where they meet at a karaoke bar and Joe’s a regular there and he’s a bit of a bad ass with a tough reputation. Leather jacket and all. He’s with his mates in one of the booths and there’s this bunch of South African guys all pissed off their asses singing a very off key rendition of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. And then there’s this one guy on a table with blonde hair and a ripped open white shirt and even from that far Joe can tell he’s cute. So never one to miss an opportunity Joe walks up to him when the song finishes, tugs on his jacket and asks to buy him a drink. Apparently, his name’s Caspar and he’s a giggly little fucker who sloshes the martini Joe bought over both of them and Joe’s never seen anyone so cute. Long story short, maybe blame it on the alcohol but they end up at Joe’s and somehow Joe wakes up to two empty bottles of wine on the floor, an easel with coffee stains and and random paint slashes all over it and a very heavy set of limbs belonging to a certain boy crushing him. They’re both in their pants and Joe spends a good ten minutes just looking at Caspar’s face. And when he does wake up neither of them really freak out. They get breakfast and things kind of keep happening from there. Caspar lives in London so does Joe. It just progresses really.

ANOTHER actor X cafe au update, seeing as I have to go to school again today since I lost my fever and won’t be able to post much for the next 7 hours

- Whenever Alfred has to go on the red carpet he drags Arthur along as his date, the only problem is that Arthur is terribly camera shy but goes along anyways, so then you have a cheery American walking together with a Brit that is trying to shy away from the camera’s

- Alfred absolutely despises Arthurs brothers for multiple reasons

- Alfred sometimes just randomly starts carrying Arthur around on his back in public

- Alfred randomly pushing Arthur against a wall and leaving a bitemark on his neck to show who he belongs to whenever he gets jealous

- Their cats seem to love following Arthur wherever he goes, and are usually very close to him at nearly all times

- When the cats where kittens they where a major cock block

- Alfred and Arthur have been dating for nearly three years (The third anniversary is on Christmas 2016)

That time Bruce took Jack to the company picnic and he was an asshole to all his employees, and insulted the poor lady at the front desk’s potato salad and said it tasted like “kitty litter” 

Wonderwall by Angel_Dust

Summary: Phil Lester teaches music at an all boys Prep school. When a young man by the name of Dil Howell is enrolled into his class, Phil is more than curious about the lad and it’s not because Dil is blind and still plays the piano brilliantly, it’s more so because Dil is the son of someone Phil knew very long ago, but didn’t recognize at first

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