Yeah! Suck it! That’s what you guys get for ditching Ed like that!

These guys are back. Do you think the addition of Radical Edward to the Bebop name is newsworthy? Bounty Hunter news?

Ahahha the term “bounty” can’t apply to a satellite, so no bounty. Bebop team got SCREWED.

I’m so glad for Edward. No-one else on the ship is. I am.

And the Bebop will never be peaceful again.

I think I just heard Faye say “Hey, you’re a girl” so is that confirmation? I’ve been using they for Ed since I wasn’t sure either way.

Anyway that was a nice episode! Glad to have the team finally assembled. I think I’ll give it an 8/10, and let’s look forward to whatever shenanigans come next. Whatever they may be.

See you then!