“Becky’s my backbone. She keeps me sane. She’s a warrior. I just always want to play well for her and the back line. Seeing her look at me and smile rather than the opposite way made me take a deep breath and kind of reevaluate that we’re still in this game. It was a lot of emotion, just to think it was a possibility that I hurt the team and it was on my shoulders.”

- Julie Johnston talking about Becky Sauerbrunn after the USWNT win against Germany


Person of Interest - The Women.

Originally posted by the Person of Interest YouTube channel.

They own all rights and all that. They merely deleted it from their channel. Don’t know why.

7/4/15 - SCP287, “Spectral Manifestation Sword”

SCP-287 is a Viking longsword, measuring 78cm from pommel to tip, and weighing 1077g.  The sword is in an advanced state of decay, and as such is exceedingly fragile. It is presumed to be made of iron, but any attempts to remove a sample from the sword have proved [DATA EXPUNGED]

Samples are not to be taken under any circumstances at this time.

Channeling almost any level of electricity through SCP-287 causes full-body spectral manifestations to appear within 100 meters of its location. This radius has been termed the “Ethereal Anomaly Field.” (E.A.F.) by Dr. M█████, who did the preliminary testing. Spectral manifestations continue for an as-yet-undetermined period of time, but seemingly in relation to the amount of electricity applied.  The intensity of the electric current seems to determine the seeming solidity/number of visible ethereal manifestations, but does not appear to alter the effective range of the E.A.F. to any visible degree. Manifestations were observed to be numbering anywhere from two (2) to twenty-eight (28) individuals, depending on the intensity of the current run through the sword.


Walter O’Brien Appreciation Week || Day 6 || Emotions / Facial Expressions

I usually gif these things, but I felt like screenshots would portray Walter’s amazing facial expressions a lot better than gifs. Most of these shots were taken by accident; I’d be watching an episode, pause it, and a beautiful Walter face magically happens. :) :) :) Anyway, I wanted to get this one out early (really early) for me because I’m going to be suuuuuper busy after I get up because it’s the 4th of July. :) :) :) 

Happy 4th, by the way! If it applies to you.