I don’t know how this happened

“… Princess.”


“What is it now?”

“… Nothing… …”

“No, seriously, what is it?”

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Quintis, #10. (Because we all need something cutesy to take away the pain atm.)

Thank you for this prompt! It was such fun writing something fluffy with that wrench we were thrown in that promo. 


He set the vase onthe corner of her workbench and smiled. After a minute of him just watching her, she lifted her welding helmet and put the blowtorch on the table behind her. “What’s with the flowers?”

“Eleven yellow roses, my dear,” he clarified, eyes sparkling as he inched closer.

“Is that supposed to mean something?” Her mouth twitched into a smirk and she took a step back, laughing when his hands rested on her hips and pulled her to him.

“Yellow roses symbolize the promise of a new beginning. It symbolizes everything in this world I am grateful for, and that is you Happy Quinn.” Toby hugged her tightly, a smile on his lips as he leant down to kiss the top of her head. “And there are eleven roses because that number is meant to assure the recipient she is truly and deeply loved, which you are.”

Happy shook her head at his sentimentality before pulling the shrink down for a proper kiss. It was deepened as she hopped up onto the workbench. Her legs wrapped around his waist and they continued kissing.

When she leaned back for air, she spoke. “You don’t need to keep getting me things, we’re good now. Besides, you know I can’t be bought with something so trivial as flowers.”

“No one would ever think that of you.” The intensity with which he looked at her made her look away. Seeing the vulnerability in her features, it pained him to think how it took over a year to rebuild her trust in him, for her walls to be let down again.

“I got the roses because they made me think of you. I think of you quite a lot, you know.” He was playing with her hair and his other hand cupped her chin to bring her gaze back up. “I never stop thinking about you.”

“Feeling’s mutual, doc.” Happy brought him closer, her legs still around him. His eyebrows shot up and she rolled her eyes.

He buried his face in her hair. “Thank you for forgiving me.”

“We do stupid things when we’re in love,” she told him, shaking her head and looking up at him. “But you only get one free pass. Next time, they’ll never find your body and your disappearance will be blamed on a bookie.”

“There won’t be a next time,” he said with a laugh, only slight alarm in his eyes.

“There better not be.” When he acknowledged that, she kissed him again. Toby wasn’t the only one thrilled to have his best friend back as the something more everyone knew was there.


Rihanna and Chris Brown with Miami Vibes in Paris

3/28/15 - SCP190, “The Toybox”

SCP-190 is a small, ornately carved wooden box, of dimensions 50 centimeters wide by 70 centimeters long by 35 centimeters deep (50 cm x 70 cm x 35 cm). The carvings on the top and sides of the box depict a parade of exotic animals, including lions, elephants, tigers, and panthers. There is nothing special about the engraved animal figures, save for the level of detail achieved. Each beast appears remarkably realistic, and several personnel assigned to surveillance duty have claimed to see them move [Note: see Appendix #190-B for Dr. █████████’s personal notes on these phenomena].

When opened by an adult, SCP-190 contains:

  • Fourteen (14) marbles of assorted size and color (SCP-190-1 through SCP-190-14)
  • Two (2) sticks of lightly used blackboard chalk (SCP-190-15 and SCP-190-16)
  • One (1) deck of playing cards (SCP-190-17)
None of these items appear abnormal, and testing has revealed that they are, in fact, commonplace.

SCP-190’s unique behavior only manifests when it is opened by a child; upon opening SCP-190, the child appears to be granted any toy he or she wishes. These “toys” may range from manifestations of invisible companions to a simple rubber ball, but the potential for danger is quite apparent (see TR#190.1.04). SCP-190 is extremely dangerous, not because of its lethality, but rather its potential for chaos.