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Grounding Method for Cosmic Witches

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🌙 Figure out your intent or goal and what corresponding planets, stars, constellations, etc are to your intent/goal. You may also use herbs, crystals, essential oils, etc along with the celestial bodies of your choice. Choose which ones you think or what your gut thinks is best for you. If your gut says you don’t need that, then don’t use it.

🌙 Get in a comfortable position. Normally sitting criss-cross or laying on your back. Surround yourself with the herbs,essential oils, or crystals of your choice.

🌙 Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out. Try your best to clear your mind.

🌙 Now for visualization, a large hole in the ceiling appeared or the entire ceiling is gone. Your celestial body(bodies) glide over the open hole or ceiling. If you chose more than one CBs, they can glide over in one at a time, in small clusters or one large cluster. Imagine that the CB(s) stop directly over you and that they start to send down their energy in a beam of light. Now, your body starts to fill up with light near the third eye chakra (in between the eyebrows) and the crown chakra (the top of the head) then from those chakras, energy starts flowing through your body, making your entire body glow brighter and brighter over time. While all of this is happening, thank the CBs for their energy,

🌙 This next step of visualization is imagining what would happen after your goal. What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like, emotionally and/or physically? What would it smell like? You can think of any smell that fills your intent. What would it taste like? You can think of any flavor that fills your intent. After you’ve visualized all of your gaols’s five senses, you can stop meditation.

🌙 You’re ready to use your energy for divination!

Britain’s BBC Sherlock is two men, and America’s CBS series Elementary portrays a relationship between a man and a women; Miss Sherlock aims for a portrayal of two very different women who become each other’s one-and-only soulmate.”

Our favourite four-legged celebrity, Dita as MPC “Cerberus” posing with a cast member on the set of CBS’s series, “SEAL Team”

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” Still true. Our buddy @fabe5150 of @dentonmoto on the Elsinore 250 tracker that @davmomoto built for @andrew.campo of @meta. Andrew surprised @stevecaballero with one year of borrow/race/use of the bike at the @dentonmoto reveal of Steve’s CB build! We were sorry to miss the Reveal Party but hope to see our Denton fam at the @forged_invitational if not sooner! 📷: @rotajg


(and believe that they can REALLY become a thing)
based on evidence in narrative construction

1- Luke isn’t Derek. He isn’t married. He isn’t engaged with another woman. He isn’t a womanizer, no clue has ever led us to believe this.

2.- There is a thing called image-character. According to this theory, George Clooney could never play a truly evil character. For the same reason, CBS’s choice to take Adam Rodriguez is significant. Actor already famous to the public lover of the crime series. (Also his Eric is in love with a blonde, but let’s forget XD)

3.- Having time to make a list of minutes in which Luke is alone with Penelope and they don’t talk about work, compared to when he’s with others and doesn’t talk about work, I think it would be clear how in the 12 season the authors organized the construction in order to integrate Alvez, creating a link with everyone, but particularly with Penelope.

4- Important is the friendship and complicity that is being created with JJ, not surprisingly, as noted already last year by @ramblings-daily​, the editing often focuses on her expressions and reactions to skirmishes between Luke and Penelope.

5-  Even in episode 3, dedicated to the return of Emily, with many moments Emily-Luke, there’s a minimum reference, when Penelope doesn’t want him to come to the bar with them. This’s even more significant, because if they wanted to make us believe in a future Emily-Luke, there would be no need to insert a similar microscene. (And then THE WAY he looks at her)

6-  We don’t know if there was a call between them first, but the first time we see a “call to the Morcia” is in episode 16. The authors did anything to avoid a Derek / Luke confrontation.

7-  The most significant things, in a narrative construction, as already understood by the Russian Formalists (especially Jakobson), are those that play no role in the fabula but are fundamental to the plot. In our case, the most significant are (in my opinion):
-the moment of the remote control (why did he have to take it and play with it? Because it was the only way to get her attention and touch her fingers). Luke stares at her immediately. You see in the first picture, when she starts distributing the folders.

- all episode 14.  Their scenes take up half of the episode. Except one, when JJ and Rossi call Penelope in the office.
*When Penelope gets on the jet everyone is looking at the computer screen, except one. 

They focalize to Luke’s laughs, when she makes her joke.

*Why does Luke help her get off the sidewalk? Was it really that high? And I repeat it. The way he stares at her, afterwards.

*We have the first “Morcia scene in the office”, with him standing behind her chair, his hand on her backrest, the classic shots typical of Morcia’s moments. There wasn’t a kiss to her forhead, but we can’t claim too much.

*He tells her “hotshot”. She replies “I am a precious cargo”. Luke wants her on the field, Derek never. Derek tries to dissuade her from putting herself in danger (see the episode about the disappearance of her friend Monica). This doesn’t mean that Luke cares less, it’s a different approach. He was never given the opportunity to protect her.

*Garcia is never on the field. The only time she goes to the field is always with Luke. They even go to the house of a potential victim. Just them two. Why?
The moment in the car. We never had a moment of Morcia in the car. Here the editing proceeds a little too much for the ellipsis. I have watched those scenes hundreds of times, but you can’t see where Luke’s hands go, when Penelope says that “the unsub is too smart and he "he’s not as you”, and when she shout “I don’t wanna die” and he “Nobody is gonna die today”. On her hand? On her knee? Somewhere it goes, that’s for sure, we can see a movement. Even before, when he’s turn so suddenly, he keeps her aside to try help her.

*In court. Don’t let me talk about the scene in court. They arrive, and he puts himself right behind her (not random). He sits near her. When the verdict is issued, Luke immediately turns to her (as if he knew it was going to hurt her). He is the only one who remains seated, when he gets up, he tries to console her. He moves carefully, slowly, almost not daring to look at her. He knows she’s giving him this honor only because she’s in shock. Try to imagine this scene with Morgan, the spontaneity and freedom of movements that Derek would have had. Just imagine any Garvez scene with Derek instead of Luke, I did it, it’s fun (I even wrote a story about this).

- episode 17
Penelope has just returned from visiting Reid (that they didn’t show us). Obviously, she’s destroyed. Someone has to console her, but Derek isn’t here. Why not send JJ? Emily? Rossi? Why Luke? When something isn’t justified by a precise function, it’s significant.
Let’s look at how this scene is built. Luke walking down the corridor. He hears a cry. He stops. He looks through the half-open door. So we see Penelope crying. It would be easier for him to pull straight or notify JJ, someone who knows Garcia better and which can help her. But he doesn’t want to. Why? He’ll tell us at the end of the episode. Because he wants to be THAT from which she wants to go when she wants to cry! THIS IS THE LARGEST DECLARATION OF LOVE. As already noted, not ONE, but THE person from whom.  Let’s go back to the scene. He enters and closes the door, she tries to pretend not to have cried. He hesitates before asking her if she’s fine. Anything that he does, likely to be misinterpreted. She begs him, in a whisper, to leave. He’s almost tempted to do it, but then he stops, shakes his head and comes back, after closing the door. For the first time, she allows him to help her, listens to him and doesn’t make fun of him. And then, when he stops talking, there’s a moment they stare at each other. Before the fucking message arrives, “there’s a case”. Don’t try to convince me that something was not going to happen. Luke was thinking this. Maybe a hug. In any case, he had finished saying everything, but he wouldn’t leave.

At the end of the episode. We see Luke coming out of focus in the background. He looks at her for a moment before speaking. So she stares at him like … not like he’s just seeing a work colleague. Extrapolating that frame (number 3), it seems that he is about to kiss her. Look at his face (image 5. It should be illegal to smile like that). OK stop. Look at the way he looks at her. It seems like he wants to ask her a date. The antistress kitten? How sweet it’s? It means “I thought of you while chasing the unsub”. Did Derek give her anything? Help me, I can’t remember it. Then he asks her how she’s (because he really cares). The moment of the declaration. I died the first time I heard it, I’m only dying today to hear again. Both words, the content of what he says; both the tone he uses, shy, but deep, decisive, really, intensely; both his face, as he says it, the fact that he looks at her directly when the sentence ends. And she is silent; what can you say in front of something like that? Then he starts again. And he points out the steps forward between us. She tries to stay cold, but she can’t; she confesses that she’s glad that he’s here (it’s worth a million considering how it had begun) and then she calls him “Luke”. The man’s head explodes. She called him by name! How long she has put us? Six months? And she “Let’s be in the moment”. But he would like more. 

8-  Almost always at a joke of Garcia we see Luke’s reaction. She makes him laugh. Laughing is important in a relationship.

9-  Penelope wasn’t the only one on the team, nor the first to meet Roxy. First there was Emily. But what was the reaction of the future boss, compared to that of Penelope? Are they comparable? It’s the first time that Luke sees Garcia smiling heartily in front of him. Someone said that if your dog doesn’t like a person, the latter should not like either you. And if she likes her? 

10-  The relationship between Roxy and Garcia is important. Since she     believes Roxy’s is a girl. Why would he have to make her believe this?     Because he was jealous of how she had talked about her boyfriend super-nice and super-crazy for her, who was so skilled in fingering techniques. And then he avenged himself. Then he decides to let her know and enjoys her surprised face. Then her smile. Then Roxy fills her with kisses. And when she asks him “You profiled me?” aside from what he answers, have you seen how he looks at her and how she looks at him? Here I think the actors are a bit ‘out of the character, she smiles too pleased, you can see when the doors close. (Who knows what happens when the doors close…)

And then she decides to fill Roxy with gifts, but she’s still the queen of moderation. He likes to give her nicknames. In the first scene, he doesn’t have the courage to tell her that she was wrong to buy crunchy food because Roxy only eats raw food. How emphatically he denies that he didn’t like the gift or he’s a liar? How bad is he when she gives him of liar? What flirting tone does she use before a case arrives?

In the second scene, Luke holds very little in his looks, especially when she describes herself as a moderate person. When she talks about the pink sweater, he looks at her as if he wants to see it wear at her, instead of his dog. And when she says she’s not the guy to chat front a glass? He looks at her as if to say, “Based on what, you suppose this?" 

11- He likes to give nicknames at her. Let’s forget for a moment that Penelope loves to call him newbie and that Luke loves this even more, just look at the grimaces and expressions that he does when she calls him that.

Luke is the first to give at her nicknames. Few, but beautiful.
* chica * Will we ever have the opportunity to resent this? Tell me yes. I love it.
* queen of ice *
* queen of moderation *
And many other phrases that aren’t nicknames but give the idea of what he thinks of her. For example, which is the largest computer technician of the BAU. He teases her a few times about this. 

12-  Everyone goes to visit Reid in prison, except Walker. But nothing makes you think that Luke also goes to see Reid. Luke goes to jail to talk to Shawn. Because Garcia told him that Reid was wounded. And this thing made her cry. When he talks to Shawn, with that dark look and that angry tone, he is thinking of Penelope crying. He doesn’t like to see Penelope sad.

13- The editing focuses on Luke’s reaction when Emily informs that someone shot Garcia ten years ago. Then Luke turns to look where she disappeared from. And it does it again at the end, when others start talking about the case. He would like to be the one who killed Battle. Think about that when he asks JJ where he’s Battle; he’s already thinking that he has his contacts in prison and he imagined the interview with that bastard, to ask him why he did it. How can one hurt a creature like Penelope? She doesn’t go on the field. She shouldn’t run any more serious dangers than cutting herself off with one of her thousand pens. 

14- Luke knows that Sergio is a cat. But not only. He talks about it as if they’ve known each other for a long time. He no longer walks like an elephant in a crystal ware. There is a certain familiarity between them. A less tense atmosphere. In fact, it seems to me that she has not called him newbie in the 13th season. After the death of Walker, he officially became part of the family. Tragedies unite people. 

15-  Episode 1 of the 13 season. Luke is helping JJ. Penelope arrives. He watches her disappears towards the left side of the screen, in the direction of the SUV with Walker. A second and he’s there, his hands on her shoulders, you notice small movements, he is caressing her and what he would do if he could, only he knows it. So Matt calls him. One time. He hesitates. A second one. He hesitates again and then forces himself to leave her. But he wouldn’t have wanted to. 

16-  In whatever situation they are, Luke looks at her in a special way. In the 13 season, when they talk to Spence, Luke says Penelope is right. He always seems to be thinking of other things, rather what they are talking about. 

17- She calls him "Cool Hand Luke” and he doesn’t hide the fact that he likes it, either by saying it aloud or by expression, for the benefit of JJ, of course. But what he thinks is “How can you say that my hands are cold? Would you like to verify it in person?”.And then, with that damned lamp. It’s one of the jokes she did with Morgan. This is also why Penelope remains in shock when she notices what she has said. And Luke would gladly rub his lamp ….

18-   Shades. Luke’s expression in episode 21 of 12, when he sees Penelope waiting outside the prison. I repeat, for the umpteenth time. How does he look at her? Like a colleague, a person who would like to befriend? NO. ….

19-  Shades 2. When Luke and Walker are talking about music. Penelope arrives. Luke turns as if he feels her energy, turns before he even knows she’s coming. He smiles. But the smile disappears when he sees her face. How bad is for he to see her sad? This is one of the most important evidences, in my opinion. Because less obvious.

20-  Episode with Phil. I have already abundantly told my nonsense about this. But I can repeat it indefinitely. He could choose whoever, he chose her. Luke thinks of all the possibilities that are open to his every choice. Like being able to take the opportunity to hug her a little (even though I’m still waiting for a real hug).

21-  They share the love for animals. Penelope deserves such a person. It’s not a secondary thing, I’m biased, I’m an animalist, but loving animals is a life choice, influencing any other aspect of life. 

22- Luke enjoys making fun of her and provoking her as much as Penelope. 

23- Luke looks at her in every possible moment in which he could well not do it. When Penelope and Emily hug each other. When they find out that Hotch left the BAU.

When she passes a document to him.

24- Penelope remains disappointed when they make the joke of Tara’s brother. But most of all she looks badly at Luke, not because he’s the new guy, but because after Roxy’s presents it seemed like things were moving towards a nice friendship. He disappointed her. He chose the team instead of her. 

25-  Luke is jealous of Penelope. When she is pretty with Walker and shows up first. He tells her something even after they shake hands. 

When she makes a flirting tone saying, “deeper tone voice” to Walker; they show us Luke’s reaction (why? He isn’t her boyfriend)

26- Last, but only by pure chance. Why in one of the last episodes of 12 Penelope is on Luke’s desk?

27- Almost I was forgetting it!

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Any headcanons you have for Deborah and the other counselors? Or Tommy?

//cracks knuckles// XDD Well, I’ve got a few so far that have sprung up as I’ve been writing and drawing. Sit down, this is going to get LENGTHY.

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