cb twin

I’m rewatching Person of Interest with a friend and it’s reeeally starting to hit me that this show I love so very much is about to end. I only just delved into this complex and fascinating world in the fall and now it’s going to be gone. I’ll have less than a year with these characters I’ve come to adore and with a relationship that is so important to me and executed better than any other queer relationship currently on television. I’m just really freaking mad at CBS for killing a show that still has SO much potential and such rich stories it could continue to tell. The writers have all said that they have loads of ideas for where the show could go. I am angry, sad, excited, scared and many other things about the season we are all about to watch. 

But mostly…I’m just so grateful that this show exists and that I’ve gotten to experience it. It’s a world where gender doesn’t matter, where the women can kick just as much (if not more) ass as the men, where sexual orientation doesn’t matter and isn’t made into a punch line, where characters have meaningful redemption storylines, where the most important romantic relationship is between two women that joined the team well into the series. There are hugely relevant philosophical questions that are asked and debated at length by characters who have very different views on the world. It’s such an important show to watch during this day and age of fear and terror and surveillance. If you haven’t watched PoI yet then 1. I’m jealous because I’ll never get to experience it for the first time again and 2. you should really invest in this highly intelligent and really well made gem of a television show. Plus…there’s a dog and he’s a main character.