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Quintis 318 scenes in 5min

T/H moments, and a bit of Ada 

Full version (25min) will be uploaded to mf … and I will add the LINK HERE when it’s done. The full version will include all the Happy/Ada, team/Ada scenes, too. And moe of the scenes included in the short version - as a lot had to be cut to fit under 5min (100mb)




image source: Riley Go’s insta (Riley & Ata-Han, Riley & Jadyn)

How adorable are Riley & Ata-Han as Young Happy & Young Toby. So suited for these roles. The pigtails. The hat. 

Tatters of Now - Chapter 16 (Part II of the Then, Now and Always series)

When the sun rises and the alcohol haze fades, only then do the true implications of what happened the previous night fully hit. The pain is raw and they have no idea how they’ll get back to where - who, what - they were before. It’s a long road but nobody ever said the path to redemption was easy. But it is always worth it.

“You know, Doc, you’re not completely innocent on the being vague and secretive side of things. Where do you disappear to almost every other night?” Happy demanded as she cut him off, her hurt at Toby still being unable to trust her now fully translating into defensiveness and anger. Rizzuto sat forward a little, highly interested in this new piece of information.

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Team Scorpion does the Mannequin Challenge 

BTS of filming Scorpion episode 3x15 Oh Buoy, day 3 at Paramount Studios Blue Sky Tank

source: Kat’s insta (click her name in blue text on top of the video to get to the source)

But really I needed a QUINTIS scene at the end of 3x16

Why? As i said before this is the first time that we’ve seen Happy with this much emotion in the series.Usually,she’s able to keep them all locked in but in this episode?She broke down.Like Walter,she doesn’t really know how to deal with emotions yet,you can’t let ‘sink or swim’ it doesn’t work on them,what they need is emotional support and time.Yes,she and Cabe hugged but it isn’t enough,the emotional strain is just too large.

That’s why in the end of the episode i thought that they would show a Quintis scene where Toby is comforting Happy and doing everything to help her get through this tough emotional situation as Toby is her rock and emotional support who knows her from the inside and out (and who is a Harvard trained ,world class behaviorist).

I needed a scene like the one when quintis talked about the false pregnancy 3x07

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Jadyn Wong & Katharine McPhee filming stunts for Scorpion ep 3x20 today, Feb 15th, 2017 on location at Santa Clarita, Canyon County

Kat: HANGING a good time with Jadyn J Wong #happyhumpday #setlife #stunts  #scorpion

source: Kat’s insta video