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CB + underappreciated scenes | 3/?

This is the episode right after Chuck discovers the crushing revelation that Blair is pregnant with Louis’ child. It’s this discovery that finally awakens him from the bubble of self-destructive lack of emotion that he put himself into in order to cope with the pain of his breakup with Blair and everything that followed. Still, when Chuck and Blair run into each other on the street the next day, they fall back into talking like they always do. Chuck literally stops her in the street to seriously ask if she’s okay. Even though he was shaken by the news, he’s more concerned about Blair’s well-being. How she is and whether she’s okay is always what’s most important to him. I think that’s a big theme for them throughout the series. Even when they’re not together or they’re at their lows, they’re always there for each other and concerned about one another. There’s also an ease to their relationship that shows how comfortable they are with each other. I love this little scene because it demonstrates the support and comfort they always find in each other, whether they’re together or not. 


CB + underappreciated scenes | 2/?

Gossip Girl has just announced that Nate’s been spotted with another girl and everyone is quick to call him a cheater until Blair finally admits that they broke up. She’s completely crushed and embarrassed. All along, Chuck was worried about his own butterflies and about being with Blair but it’s at this moment that he truly sees how upset and hurt she is. I love this scene because you can see the look of realization on his face as he notices how much pain she’s in and as he decides to actively do something to help her. He then brings her the necklace she wanted not as a way to promote a relationship with her but as a way to show her that she’s beautiful and worthy even if other people may not appreciate that. He doesn’t make a move on her because his focus is on her and her feelings at that moment. In the end, it’s Blair who chooses to initiate things after seeing what Chuck’s done for her.

This scene and the hug from 2x13 show that their relationship is about so much more than just physical attraction. There’s a depth to their relationship that stems from how much they genuinely care about each other as people and how much they’re willing to be there for each other. 


CB + underappreciated scenes | 4/?

In this episode, Blair finds the courage to confess to Chuck that she loves him. It’s the realization of that sentiment that drives Chuck’s actions later in the episode when he considers exposing Lily’s secret. Lily warns him not to turn away from the people who love him and that jolts Chuck out of his state of anger. His frustration and want for vengeance fade away when he remembers what Blair has done for him. Instead of chasing after revenge, he finally releases all his pent-up despair at his father’s death when he goes to see Blair. She’s the first person in his life to truly love him for who he is, and that makes such an enormous difference in his life. Even though he acts like he doesn’t care when Blair first tells him she loves him, it obviously impacts him tremendously on multiple levels. Because of the love that she conveyed to him, he later chooses to burn the letter holding Lily’s secret because he realizes it’s the right thing to do. Chuck and Blair consistently encourage each another to be their best selves - they are each other’s anchor and inspiration, and that never alters throughout the series. 


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