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“I feel nothing, when I see her and Louis, or when I jump off a building, or when I crash a motorcycle, even you don’t irritate me. Is being dead that much worse than being nothing?” — Chuck, 5.05 Beauty and the Feast

“It’s not fair. He’s alive, but I feel dead inside without him.” — Blair, 5.11 The End of the Affair?

*Parallel by Danielle


Chuck Bass’s girlfriend vs. Mr. Blair Waldorf.

  • I have to be Blair Waldorf ⟷ I’m Chuck Bass
  • it led me nowhere ⟷ now I have nothing
  • I followed my heart ⟷ I always put you first
  • Anne’s right ⟷ My father was right
  • Our future.

1.10 & 4.09: Banter in bed.

Chuck: You looked pretty hot on Prince Theodore’s arm today.
Blair: Oh is that what I am to you, just an accessory?
Chuck: Next to him, yes. On me you’d be so much more.
1.10 Hi, Society

Blair: My black Balenciaga would be perfect to publicly condemn you.
Chuck: I love public.
Blair: I love condemnation.
Chuck: I love you.
4.09 The Witches of Bushwick 

The Coward.

“You were right. I was a coward running away again.”

“Someone did love you. And… you owe it to her, and everyone else you’re leaving behind not to run away. Which is what you’re doing. And I don’t think that great man you’re talking about wanting to be is a coward. I think he would face up to what he did.”

“But everywhere I went, you caught up with me.”

“Your world would be easier if I didn’t come back.”
“That’s true. But it wouldn’t be my world without you in it.”

“So I had to come back.”

2.25 The Goodbye Gossip Girl & 4.02 Double Identity

Idea by thefuturemaynevercomecb. What I find interesting is that the original script for the I Love You scene in 2.25 included “I’m not Chuck Bass without you.” instead of in 3.01, and I remember how people parallel it to “It wouldn’t be my world without you in it.” Either way, it still ties in to their whole narrative of identity and loss.

Blair’s “I love you” & engagement

This incomplete and spoilery parallel is requested by iszy and based on this post:

The Journey to “I love you too”

In 1.07 Nate did not say “I love you” to Blair and did not want to.
In 2.01 Chuck did not say “I love you” to Blair but wanted to.
In 2.08 Dan sabotaged Chuck and Blair from saying “I love you”
In Season 2, Nate told Blair “I love you” before Chuck did.
In 2.25 Chuck finally said “I love you too”

The Journey to an Engagement

In 1.07/1.08 Nate did not propose to Blair (give her the the van der Bilt ring) and did not want to.
In 3.22 Chuck did not successfully propose to Blair but wanted to.
In 3.22 Dan sabotaged Chuck’s proposal.
In Season 4, Louis successfully proposes to Blair before Chuck does?
What happens next? You tell us.


Blair: What if we need games? What if without them we’re boring?
Chuck: We can never be boring.
Blair: You say that, but I know you. You’re Chuck Bass.
: I’m not Chuck Bass without you.
— 3.01 Reversals of Fortune

Harvey: Look, I need you.
Donna: Need?
Harvey: Need.
Donna: Well, what about Jessica?
Harvey: Already signed off.
Donna: How did you get her to do that?
Harvey: Because I told her I can’t be me without you.
Donna: No, you didn’t.
Harvey: Well, I thought it, and she knows it.
— 2.09 Asterisk

Stop trying to play the wife.

Chuck said this to Blair in 2.15. Since then, they’ve pretended to be a married* couple twice: the first time in 3.21 distracting Dr. Holland Kemble by initiating an impromptu therapy session* and the second time in 4.22 crashing a bar mitzvah by taking someone else’s name tags**. Between the times those two episodes took place, Blair had known about Chuck’s attempts to propose to her, also twice (4.02 and 4.20***).

Another parallel: Chuck trying to hold Blair’s hand to “play the part” and Chuck reaching for Blair’s hand, then kissing it, then successfully holding it as they danced the horah.

* I know you don’t have to be married to be in couples therapy but it’s more common.
** Does anybody know what the names were? I don’t have subtitles and can’t hear them properly.
*** Not exactly a proposal, or the most horrible one ever.

2.14 & 4.07: DRUNK SINGING!!!

“Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish ladies…”

2.14 In the Realm of the Basses

“Stand by your man and show the world you love him…”

4.07 War at the Roses

I need people to make more and better gifs of this!!! And picspams!!!

I’m just so amused that Ed and Leighton have actually sung on this show albeit under the influence + after Chuck’s dad’s death and during Blair’s birthday party.

Subtext / Smoke screen

The reason Blair attacked you is because she misses you. Don’t tell me after eighteen years you can’t read Waldorf’s subtext. –3.08 The Grandfather Part II

After all these years you can’t see through one of my smoke screens. I’m not asking for forgiveness, Nathaniel. I did what I did.  –3.19 Dr. Estrangeloved

1.06: Calling them out on their drug habits.

Chuck: Nathaniel, I’m shocked, I thought you were strictly an herbal man.

Blair: Is that a bong, mother? I didn’t take you for a stoner.

1.06 The Handmaiden’s Tale

Kinda parallel-y but I just wanted to get their faces and their witty lines to their BFF/mother about getting high.

And the pinkness. Oh, the pinkness.

thefuturemaynevercomecb-deactiv asked:

It may be a stretch...well not really but I think there might also be a parallel between Blair telling Chuck "Don’t you understand? I’ll always be here. I don’t want you going anywhere.” and then in season 4 Blair telling Chuck it wouldn't be her world without him in it and her not wanting him to leave and never return to New York.

This is so late! But I am cutting down my Tumblring hours :P

It could work, I have to think about it more. Or maybe it works better in videos…

“I’m Chuck Bass! No one cares.” “I do!”

“Maybe become a person someone could love.” “Someone did love you.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t shoot me yourself.” “I have. Many times. In my dreams. The good ones. But if you were really hurt, I would want to know.”

“I don’t want you going anywhere. I couldn’t bear it.”

And 3.17:

“So please, whatever you want to do to yourself, please don’t do that to me.”

“I never thought that the worst thing you would do would be to me.”