cb parallels all day everyday


Chuck Bass’s girlfriend vs. Mr. Blair Waldorf.

  • I have to be Blair Waldorf ⟷ I’m Chuck Bass
  • it led me nowhere ⟷ now I have nothing
  • I followed my heart ⟷ I always put you first
  • Anne’s right ⟷ My father was right
  • Our future.

Blair: What if we need games? What if without them we’re boring?
Chuck: We can never be boring.
Blair: You say that, but I know you. You’re Chuck Bass.
: I’m not Chuck Bass without you.
— 3.01 Reversals of Fortune

Harvey: Look, I need you.
Donna: Need?
Harvey: Need.
Donna: Well, what about Jessica?
Harvey: Already signed off.
Donna: How did you get her to do that?
Harvey: Because I told her I can’t be me without you.
Donna: No, you didn’t.
Harvey: Well, I thought it, and she knows it.
— 2.09 Asterisk