cb parallels


1x05 // 3x22

How many times has [Walter] avoided conflict by telling you he’s fine? You get about a 1,000 “I’m fines” before you realize that nothing is fine, and you are getting shown the door. And then you realize that you are an experiment, too.


Waiting outside… GIFs

Scorpion 3x07 end scene

Happy, to Toby (in 3x07): You know…when I was in elementary school, I was jealous of the other kids. Because their parents waited outside (the school) to take them home, and I walked to the orphanage by myself… I was looking forward to waiting outside for somebody.

Happy/Paige (in 3x04): I don’t get it. There are buses here. Why pick him up? / We talk in the car.  / Is that what parents do? Look for ways to spend time with their kids? / That’s …kind of the whole point of having children.  / It wasn’t for my parents.