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Code Black

I watched this show with my mom who is a nurse and has worked in the ER and med surg floor for 30 years. When she saw the show she was silent she didn’t say a word even through the commercials. When the show ended she turned to me and said that was the most realistic portrayal of a hospital she has ever seen and that it will help a lot of adolescents who are thinking of going into the medical field if they are 100% in it.
She hopes the show stays like this and isn’t lost with unnecessary plot lines and love connections.

you’re a boy who loves girls
where you come from there are
only bullets and targets
boys who love girls
and boys who bleed for loving boys

your father made you a bullet
never showed you how to love right
and your mother, well,
she was never quite the smotherer
that the other kids talked about

so you hid the target in steel casing
learned how to point a gun quickly
talk sharp, knuckles bloody, dry eyes
waving it around ‘til there was a void
a mile long between you and the world

because boys who love boys die
and you haven’t done anything worth dying over
you grow up from this world, practically bulletproof
kept your hands clean enough, then you meet him
a boy who loves girls, a man with soft edges

if you were to describe him, you’d call him a quilt
the kind you’ve only ever heard of, a patchwork of colors and light
stitched by caring grandmothers, for people worth loving
all you show him is your ugly sharpness because
you’ve never loved another boy who wasn’t a bullet

a boy who loves girls smothers you with attention
he is bright sunlight melting your reinforced shellcase
and you don’t know what to do, how do you stop
loving a boy who would never hurt you
so you love and you love and you love, god do you love

spring comes and you’re a boy who loves without sharp edges
and you can touch without coming up with bloody hands
you talk and your teeth are no longer daggers
and boy, do you love that sweet man, but the most surprising?
he loves you too.

he was always a boy who loves girls and boys
while you only learned how to be one of each
and then quite both at once, walled up as you were
but look at you now, curled up on the edge of a sunrise
with a quilt on your lap and sunflowers in your hair.

—  bloom (linn d.)