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Once we see Lucas and Jungwoo interacting with Winwin, it’s the end for the Korea line. CHINA LINE RISE.


Today’s #ElectionCollection challenge is #FirstLadies!

Betty Ford became First Lady in 1974, but she soon became known to many as First Mama. By 1975, her support for women’s rights, her candor about breast cancer, and her frank humor earned her a public approval rating of 75%. The former Martha Graham dancer-turned-FLOTUS was also a CB radio enthusiast who broadcast from the White House with the handle First Mama.

During the 1976 Presidential election campaign, Betty Ford made several speaking tours throughout the east and midwest. Her popularity was reflected on lapel buttons that proclaimed “Betty’s Husband For President!”

Here are four examples from the 1976 campaign cheering on First Mama from @fordlibrarymuseum.

We at @usnatarchives​ and @americanexperiencepbs want to see the cool campaign swag that you’ve collected. Share your own historic memorabilia and tag #ElectionCollection! 

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