Sometimes, I forget this nigga can dance his ass off. 

Lexa was the trees and Clarke was the sky. Lexa had green eyes and Clarke had blue ones. Lexa had brown hair like the ground and Clarke blonde hair like the sun. Lexa was born on earth and Clarke in space. 

Clarke fell down from the sky to meet Lexa, and for a brief but wonderful moment, they both lived more intensely than they never did.

But then Lexa left for the sky, and everything turned upside down. Now it was Lexa up there, brown hair, green eyes, looking fondly below at Clarke, blonde hair, blue eyes. And now it was Clarke down there, looking up in space and wishing she could go back to be with the only person who had made her feel alive.

And when we observe this unconquerable distance between these two hearts, we can wonder why two lives so similarly different were destined to be that wonderfully intertwined, and why life was so unfair as to give them the exquisite taste of love and the breathtaking feeling of belonging before ripping it out of their hands.

Eu não gostava de festas. Eu não sabia dançar, e as pessoas me assustavam, especialmente as pessoas em festas. Elas tentavam ser atraentes e alegres e espirituosas e, embora esperassem exercer bem todas essas funções, fracassavam. Elas não eram boas nisso. O fato de tentarem com tamanho afinco só piorava as coisas.
—  Charles Bukowski.