I met a guy yesterday - his name was Callum. And he came from none other than the lovely town of Northampton. And ooh, who else is from Northampton.. Sir Matthew Robert Smith, my dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Anyways, I was talking to Callum and I was confessing my love for Mr Smith when Callum suddenly said, “I went to his school. He was an absolute prick. He cut in front of me in the lunch que for 2 years, flicking his hair and telling everyone he got a job at the BBC. There was a fucking Dalek in our school for a whole year because of that guy!”

I believed this, however I refused to believe that he was a “prick”. My love for Matt still stands.

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197. This video Callum made was so helpful to me :) so thank you if you see this

198. I keep wondering why I’m gaining weight, then I remember that the majority of my time is spent on my arse at the moment..