superfamily shitty sketch timezz.

steve worked his (very nice) butt off dealing with SHIELD, tony’s in the lab, so it’s a mac n’ cheese kinda night. 

and peter’s in a throwing-any-object-in-sight phase so he can’t be trusted roaming around. 

another superfamily sketch, sigh. stupid steve’s face and who needs backgrounds? |(

anyways, family outing to a water park. peter is covered in floaties (tony has extra in his man purse that is a bag, not a purse). tony is pointing out how the structures of the water slides could not possibly be safe (“Look, Spangles, that piece of metal right there is corroding. This is not safe. This isn’t even up to code. I said we could build Pete his own water slide, Steve!”) and steve is just ‘mhmm, you’re right, totally right, yup" because this is what happens every time they go somewhere public. 

in case anyone was wondering, peter’s floaties say “do not remove” “do not touch unless drowning” and “you will be sued” (tony makes steve look like a pansy parent when they go places with *gasp* other children around)