Ok but I want Damen and Laurent to have to share a really small bed and they just both don’t fit and Laurent is like this is rediculous why are you so big?! And Damen’s like I thought you liked me that way! And Laurent just makes an exasperated sigh and they end up with Damen on his back, Laurent on his stomach but like half on top of Damen. Like one of Laurent’s legs is in the middle of Damen’s legs and his other leg is just off to the side and like half Laurent’s torso and his left arm is sprawled out on top of Damen’s chest, with Laurent’s head in the crook of Damen’s shoulder, and Damen has his arms on top of Laurent holding him there.



T. S. Monk

Ambrose Akinmusire – trumpet
Jean Caze – trumpet
Wayne Escoffrey – sax
Ronnie Mathews – piano
Hans Glawischnig – bass
T.S. Monk – drums



9:40 … “lo mas normal es que me ponga celoso” *Vegettita celosito xD, persigue al nuevo mejor amigo de Willy*

9:57… “Madre mía, lo mas normal es que a este le caze por detras y le enchufe, ¿por qué? porque si, sabes, toma, toma *le pega al pobre de Jefri, o como se escriba* sabes ahora vas a hacer amigo de Willy…” le sigue pegando…

Hay mas momentos Wigetta en todo el video…7u7

In the midst of her own suffering, Marie Therese was even relieved to have to report a cut foot on 25 January because it gave her mother the need to care for her. Rejecting the prison doctor, Marie Antoinette managed to secure Brunier, the established doctor to the Children of France, along with the surgeon La Caze. After a month the girl was cured.

Marie Antoinette, The Journey - Antonia Fraser


Claude Balbastre | La de Caze