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things which kill me softly about writing Walid/Nightingale:

  • Walid is the only - the ONLY - one in the books who calls Nightingale ‘Thomas’ on a friendly, we-are-equals basis. the other contenders are Postmartin (who treats Thomas as a sort of junior), Seawoll (who is definitely being condescending), and Hugh Oswald (a contemporary but not a friend)
  • [in Broken Homes, Thomas starts referring to Walid as ‘Abdul.’ And telling him to stop being a bad influence on Peter. FOLLY DADS]
  • realizing that Walid was actually THERE when Nightingale was shot in book 1; it took me ages to re-read and remember that Walid is “stood by with a mobile trauma team” for the operation like AUGH
  • Walid’s first word upon learning about magic/vampires/werewolves/ghosts thirty years ago being “shit” like write me that scene between him and Nightingale a MILLION WAYS
  • Walid bringing Peter loads of sugar for his coffee just <3
  • Walid definitely steamrolling some poor nurse/intern to get to be assigned to Nightingale’s case or be allowed near him in ICU, because wtf is a gastroenterologist doing looking after a man who took a gunshot to the lung [Aaronovitch has a lot to answer for giving him that specialty]
  • Walid thinking that everything Thomas and Peter start doing is really incredibly stupid, but going along anyway (“Let me rephrase that and talk slowly. There’s no such thing as a safe tranquiliser dart.”)
  • “I’m strictly prog rock and the nineteenth-century romantics” what even are your tastes in music my man and do you know how much endless guitar noodling I am now listening to and how much pain it’s causing
  • the visit to the Folly in Moon Over Soho to dress Peter down for letting Thomas work too hard and then “If you have a relapse Dr. Walid will kill me” EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE AN ITEMMMM
  • Walid giving Peter his ‘sharp look’ when he brings up the idea of magic and life extension (“You’re talking about Thomas” PLEASE)
  • Molly loves Walid to death look at her tea-pouring habits
  • I am so completely fascinated by the company they keep, witness the Soho house of horrors and “Dr. Walid has people coming in who’ve handled this sort of situation before” in fact I was so fascinated I created my first bunch of OCs in forever to explain it
  • “Dr. Walid was hovering in the background and making the F2 junior doctor who was treating me a bit nervous. Then Dr. Walid noticed that Nightingale was a bit pale and unsteady, and forced him to lie down in an adjacent treatment cubicle” THIS IS LITERALLY THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF THE CARETAKING TROPE YOU CAN HAVE WHERE IS ALL MY FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC
  • “If you don’t follow my instructions, I swear on my father’s life that I’ll have you both put on medical leave” that’s right Abdul, keep gathering your little family of lost chicks
  • ‘“An argument,” said Dr. Walid. ‘It’s an argument of wizards.’” send help
  • I just love them okay

When my REAL LIFE OTP is Better than Yours

Anyone who played Mario Golf remember this character? Azalea?

She’s apparently Princess Daisy’s sister! (according to Mario Golf developer, Camelot’s, Japanese website)

Unfortunatley, according to Mario Wiki, the relationship between the two seems to have been dropped since then.

But if Azalea is Daisy’s sister, that makes her a Princess too!

Now she would have to be the youngest, as in traditional royal customs, the oldest child is the heir. It does put them in a similar situation much like Prince William and Prince Harry. Brothers, but as William is the oldest, he’s heir to the throne after his father, Charles. Harry would have been the third in line, but William has had kids; and so the crown passes to them.

So with that said, unless Daisy has children, Azalea is next in line to the Sarasaland throne!


Favorite Dance Numbers - Gallan Goodiyan

I feel like I’m such a bum. It’s funny caz ppl always look at me and tell me i’ll be successful or think i have no worries but I’m stressed about my future. I am 22, I had one internship that I quit in April and my last job was 7 months ago. I have friends that are my age buying themselves cars and going international trips and I am just sitting at home. I have been applying to internships since Feb. I really want to have something lined up when i graduate next year but I no one’s responding. On top of that I’m behind on rent and tuition


:Crackship South Meets North :Kabir(dulquer) + Anushka/Sanya(alia) in Ajeeb Daastan hai yeh

Kabir & Anushka are classmates and anushka enjoys flirting with kabir as he’s very seedha sadha ladka but what she doesn’t know is that he’s in love with her as she’s total patakha types. During their program he goes away for a while for a training class and on his return he goes to propose Anushka But it’s too late as anushka married Krish. Later on Anushka comes to know about Kabir’s feelings for her & calls him to explain everything and to say sorry. 2 years later when everything seems to be going alright suddenly one day Kabir comes across anushka’s Lookalike Sanya in a park and is shocked what’ll happen next?