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Favorite Dance Numbers - Gallan Goodiyan

Anyone who played Mario Golf remember this character? Azalea?

She’s apparently Princess Daisy’s sister! (according to Mario Golf developer, Camelot’s, Japanese website)

Unfortunatley, according to Mario Wiki, the relationship between the two seems to have been dropped since then.

But if Azalea is Daisy’s sister, that makes her a Princess too!

Now she would have to be the youngest, as in traditional royal customs, the oldest child is the heir. It does put them in a similar situation much like Prince William and Prince Harry. Brothers, but as William is the oldest, he’s heir to the throne after his father, Charles. Harry would have been the third in line, but William has had kids; and so the crown passes to them.

So with that said, unless Daisy has children, Azalea is next in line to the Sarasaland throne!

Circus AU! Cause my head is full of ideas…

Kell is the fortune teller and has a strong connection with the stars. Sometimes craves more excitement and performs with swords, like swallowing them and tells people the legend of the sword that the stars and the night gifted to a brave wandering knight. Is still pretty much ‘the mom’ of the circus. Her gifts are widely talked about, people travel far and wide and go see her often to hear her wisdom. 

Ellie is a strong woman and wrestler and wears a mask in her performances then takes it off revealing her brass scales. Her act starts off with punching things, lifting heavy objects and displaying her muscles then Cazell comes out and says that he is the strongest person in the circus. Ellie and Caz taunt each other and start ‘fighting’ and when it looks like Caz is about to win Ellie uses her fire breath as a distraction then wins the fight! She’s always mucking about the circus and eager to learn everything like tightrope walking to ribbon acrobatics to lion taming.  

Lilac is a magician who plays and performs music in her act. She uses all the abilities she has learned and puts them into her act. The most popular ones are when she transforms into large creatures such as dragons, unicorns and more simple ones like elephants, tigers, bears etc Her show is every interactive, the kids love it. Sometimes she has to disguise herself as the ringmaster if he is passed out drunk and take up his role. 


Baby (2015)


:Crackship South Meets North :Kabir(dulquer) + Anushka/Sanya(alia) in Ajeeb Daastan hai yeh

Kabir & Anushka are classmates and anushka enjoys flirting with kabir as he’s very seedha sadha ladka but what she doesn’t know is that he’s in love with her as she’s total patakha types. During their program he goes away for a while for a training class and on his return he goes to propose Anushka But it’s too late as anushka married Krish. Later on Anushka comes to know about Kabir’s feelings for her & calls him to explain everything and to say sorry. 2 years later when everything seems to be going alright suddenly one day Kabir comes across anushka’s Lookalike Sanya in a park and is shocked what’ll happen next?