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I Hate You {Part Three}

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Theo x Reader

Part One   Part Two

Avoiding Theo was impossible, despite your best efforts he seemed to be everywhere, either that or you noticed him more because you were avoiding him. It was early in the morning when you found yourself waiting in a stupidly long line for coffee with Theo in front of you.

He’d noticed you and stiffened, refusing to turn and look at you or even acknowledge you until he went to order his drink, he gave the barista a sleepy smile and she comped his drink which caused him to turn and look at you in utter confusion.

“Here you go.” She hummed her huge smile falling from her face when he thanked her and grabbed the paper cup, smudging her number from it as he sipped, slowly shuffling in the direction of class.

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“Can I ask you something?” You asked Scott and Stiles as they came to a stop by your locker. 

“No” They said in unison and you sighed.

When they shared a glance, you rolled your eyes. “Fine I’ll just freeze, I forgot my jacket and thought my friends would…” You smiled when Stiles groaned and shrugged off his plaid and handed it to you.

“So, dramatic, we both know you’re covering for that question.” He sighed and walked off leaving Scott frozen to the spot.

“I’m not answering.” The sheepish answer came out as a whine and you nodded.

“Is it the same reason that you and Stiles vanish on a full moon?” You teased and he winced. “Next you’ll tell me you’re a werewolf.”

Stiles was returning with Lydia and Malia, all three franticly shaking their heads at him, while smiling at you. “I am.” They all groaned at Scott who watched you carefully in case you hurried off.

“You think you’re a werewolf, what’s Malia a labradoodle?” You giggled.

“Excuse me Were-cayote.” She huffed and your eyes widened.

“Oh God, he’s serious.” You shrieked and everyone slowly milled around you as Scott took your hand and helped you to the next class.

it's not like i'm above you [X]
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This video gives me goosebumps for some reason xD 


My mother drove while I sat with drooping eyes and drooping heart. She says the music in the radio is beautiful as she hums with the song, out of tune.

The road is made up of pavement today, sailing smooth and straight. It was a nice road. And a nice ride. The lamps looked down stiffly, bowing silently to the chevys and cherokees and mustangs and fords, spitting out the light that marred the darkness down in orange light. The road were bathed in strange orange stripes. And it scares me when it enters the untouched darkness. I’m scared of the dark, of the intolerable suffocation in closets and pillows, and in any place where the light doesn’t touch. Sometimes I scream for my mom, and she would engulf me in a loose embrace; singing a lullaby. Out of tune. It never really calms me, the fear is still there. But moms voice is strange, so curious.

I looked up. And I saw a black smoke rising slowly. I looked to the right and looked for the source, but the land was bare; except for some myrtles and bushes. It came from a much higher place, as more smoke came. I looked up to the mountain, that now, is covered with shadows and appeared an entire black of shrubberies.

We drove. But it was still there, in the air. And rising.

We arrived home. And I wondered where. The smoke came from.


Up into the the shadows of black shrubberies, where the black smoke came from; a boy comes out of the woods and stops. And listens to the cries of cicadas and cayotes and owls and mountain lions.
He climbs up into the giant sycamore where vine grapes drape on the trunks like curtains. He picks up some grapes and he puts them into his pocket.

He settles on the fourth trunk, plopping a grape into his mouth. For a while he only hears a crushed grape between his teeth. And then an orchestra of cayote howls and owl hoots and the toad croaks play harmoniously in the background. And he hums. In tune with the woods. Where he belongs.

He looks down, on the red and yellow city lights that look like a swarm of fireflies in the dark. And he wonders what those little lights were. And he wonders. What life awaits in that place down there, where roads are filled with strange lights. And where the rustles of feet produce a solemn cacophony. He’s never been down there.

But still.
He wonders.
What life down there feels like

Meetings - Teen Wolf / Supernatural (Derek Hale)

Pairing: Derek x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Can you do a Teen Wolf and Supernatural crossover imagine where the reader is female Castiel and is the youngest of the angels and is the same age as Derek Hale, and she moved to Beacon Hills with Dean and Sam Winchester and began having a relationship with Derek and when she meets the pack, they’re in awe of how powerful she is? Can you also have Dean and Sam meet the pack and Dean tell Derek not to corrupt the reader?

Warnings: None

A/N: Hope you like it, darling<3 ENJOY! 

ps! Thank you @fangirl–of-everything for telling me about my wrong copy paste ;p little mistake there from my side….

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She nervously clutched Derek’s hand tighter as she stood in front of the door, in which behind it waited a lot of people. Normally she was used to only her companions, Sam and Dean, and whenever she would meet someone of the supernatural it in most cases ended up with them being dead, almost never of her hands of course, but of the Winchester’s. 

 «You’re going to be fine, Y/n. They’ll like you.» Derek reassured her, giving her hand a comforting squeeze. 

 «I can do this.» She spoke confidently, although she was far from it as Derek opened the door like it was his own home, which it wasn’t by the way, but a werewolf named Scott McCall. 

 There were a lot of sounds in the house, but not the noisy kind which it often was when the Winchesters argued, but the kind which was filled with warmth, kindness and laughter. 

 They rounded the corner to the kitchen, and it was a lot to take in. In front of her was two werewolves, a kitsune, a banshee, a were-cayote and two humans. It was the oddest bunch of supernatural creatures she had ever seen in one room, having fun, together. 

 «Look who finally arrived.» One of the humans smiled over at them, the one with the dark hair and brown eyes. 

 Derek just gave him a sour look before turning to the others. 

 «Everyone, I want you to meet my girlfriend, Y/n.» He introduced her, and she waved shyly at them. 

One of the werewolves, the alpha it felt like, jumped up from his position on the sofa and quickly walked towards them, stretching his hand out as soon as he was close enough to take. But as soon as he was close enough, Y/n, zapped away, turning up on the opposite side of Derek, hiding behind his back. 

Was it one thing she was not used to, then it was the humans form of greeting. Like the «handshake». 

 «Sorry, Scott. She’s a bit nervous.» Derek apologized for her, as Scott stood there hand still outstretched in front of him and his eyes wide open in surprise. Behind him she could see the others sitting with similar expressions on their face. 

 «waitwaitwaitwait-!» The human who had spoken earlier scrambled up from his position as well, stumbling slightly as he came over to stand beside Scott. 

«What did you just do? You were there, and then you weren’t, and now you’re here.» He rambled on like an excited child, pointing towards her and the spot she had been standing just seconds ago. 

 «Never heard of teleportation before?» She asked matter of factly. 

How could a human be that stupid? But then again they never reacted well to shock. 

 After her little teleportation stunt, and having to explain to the one named Stiles in particular how that came to be, the night went smoothly. The odd pack quickly adjusted to the idea of her being an angel, and the other human, Mason, had quickly asked to see some of her abilities, to which she had gladly showed them just a few of them, leaving them in awe of what she was able to do. 

And as Derek had told her, they liked her.


«You really didn’t need to follow me all the way home.» They stood in front of the apartment she and the brothers were living in at the moment, having left from Scott’s house earlier than the others. 

 «Couldn’t let you walk alone in Beacon Hills, even though you are an angel.» Derek said as he pulled her closer to him, resting his forehead against hers. As he leaned down closer, their lips almost brushing against each other the door behind Y/n opened making them pull apart quickly. 

 «There you are, Y/n.» Dean stood in the doorway, arms crossed as he leaned against the doorframe. 

 «Dean.» Y/n greeted back courtly, 

 «I see you brought the dog around again.» He commented, making Derek growl slightly, his eyes flashing. 

«Dean! I have told you to stop calling him that!» 

 «Yeah, Yeah, now can I have a word, alone, with that rascal of yours?» Dean raised his eyebrows impatiently where he stood, and she let out a sigh. 

 «Only if you promise not to hurt him in any way.» She nodded, giving Derek a quick peck on the lips, before brushing past Dean and into the apartment where she knew Sam was making something that smelled absolute divine. 

 «Listen punk, I’m saying this purely out of the goodness of my heart and the deep care I have for Y/n.» Dean started as he stepped closer to where Derek was standing his arms crossed over his chest. 

 «A hunter with a good heart? You sure about that?» Derek bit back, jaw set tight as he looked at Dean. Dean closed his eyes with a sigh, before focusing back on what he was here to say to him. 

 «Y/n is a pure being, I’m sure you have noticed that by now and I’ll say this only once. You corrupt her in any way, and I’ll be hunting for your ass next. You got it?» Dean pointed a finger threateningly over at Derek, who for once didn’t come with a rude mark back. 

 «That won’t be a problem, Gun man, I’ll take care of her.» Dean nodded at that satisfied with the answer. 

 «Now go. I’ve seen enough of your ugly face for a whole week.» Dean ushered him away as he went back into the apartment as well, knowing they would have a nice little meal together as the family they were. 

Without any lurking dogs.

The Penumbra Podcast

Hey guys, remember I was talking about that really cool new podcast? The one you should all go listen to right now (unless you have issues with body horror/self harm, in which case skip episode three it’s a standalone you won’t miss important story plot)? 

Well they’re on tumblr now! They’re called thepenumbrapodcast and seriously it’s so good, like EOS 10 good I’m not even kidding. The premise is that there’s this hotel that’s full of guests who are telling you stories, and some of them are serials like Juno Steel and some of them are standalones like the Cayote of the Painted plains. 

The suite of characters include, but are not limited to: 

  • bi/pansexual film noir detective on mars (who is one of the serials) 
  • Disabled fighter who’s working to become a knight and fights monsters and things
  • Queer female bandit

And so much more I seriously cannot recommend this thing enough, the story telling is so unique and interesting, the characters are wonderfully diverse and please join us it’s really great I promise

ofxmicexandxmanda  asked:

Ello :) could I get a TW male ship please? I'm 5'5" and curvy with brown hit and blue eyes. I'm sarcastic, but I enjoy a good pun. I'm like the "Mama Bear" of my friends. I'm very protective of those I love. I'm extremely loyal. I struggle with bipolar depression but I don't let it define me. I'm a bookworm and I enjoy learning. Thank you!!

I ship you with Scott!
For you, dating Scott would include:
- you & Scott being the parents of the pack
- Scott staying up late and comforting you when you hit a low point
- he would absolutely adore your curves
- Scott explaining everything about the supernatural to you
“ Wait so Scott, whats the difference between a werewolf and a were-cayote?”
- the pack coming to you for advice, because they knew if Scott could trust you, so could they