Jc Caylen Imagine:

While Jc and Kian were making a video, you were sitting on the ground watching them. They were making a video for O2L called Hunger Games. This week was gaming week. Jc had came up with the idea of eating a waffle as one of the challenges. Kian, the goof he is, made in front of the challenge that he had picked. The got into a playful argument. Jc said, “okay bitch at least I’m fucking creative!”, Kian shut him up by saying, “Kiss me.” Jc finally caught on what Kian was saying and busted out laughing. 


“Hey y/n, will you help me think of an idea for one of my videos please?”, Jc asked you. “Yeah sure" 

After a few ideas that you and Jc made. You thought that you made a good idea up. Jc said” no way I’m not doing that.“ he said in a snappy tone. You came back saying, "okay bitch at least I’m fucking creative” and what Jc did to calm you down was saying “kiss me”. *Jc kisses you* 

Kian walks in on you two kissing and says “awww”

*Flashback ends*

*not my gif*